Seeing we are all from different countries, the idea is to try and introduce each other to some of our traditions from home. My (Sara's) first attempt was to serve the girls some brunost - or brown cheese in English, which is a cheese made out of caramelised goats milk. So for this weeks meeting, I invited the girls over for a Norwegian inspired breakfast. I say Norwegian..the salmon was actually Scottish, the yoghurt Greek, and the salami was German - but you have to improvise when living abroad. At least I had the wonderful cheese, that my mum kindly brought over on her last visit.  

In Norway we absolutely love this brown block! But outside of our country, the cheese doesn't really seem to be very popular...The other 3 girls liked it though, which was impressive. Or maybe they were just being nice? :p Lets see if I can make it a bit harder for them next time. 

"Man må jo invitere til skikkelig frokost når mamma har tatt med seg godsaker til storbyen ;p Hva kan jeg servere dem neste gang? Vi nærmer oss jul, kanskje lutefisk er på sin plass!? "