Let’s begin the weekend with some fitness !

Today I'm going to show you two great exercises to help develop and tone your glutes.

For these exercises I use one 8Kg and one 12Kg dumbbells. Of course, if this is too heavy for you, adjust the weight to your own preference.

Don’t forget your towel and water - you are gonna need it!

1st exercise: The dumbbell single stiff leg dead lift

Muscle target :

  • Gluteus Maximus
  •  Hamstrings

Start with the lighter dumbbell (8Kg), and hold it in the same hand as the leg you want to work on.

For example, if starting with the right side:

1.       Take the dumbbell in your right hand

2.       Start by standing up straight. Continue by lifting your left leg behind you, whilst the right foot stays steady on the floor. Its important to fokus on keeping your bodyweight on your heels throughout the whole exercise

3.       Lean your upper body forward whilst keeping your right leg straight,  but make sure not to lock your knee

4.       As you are going down - feel a nice stretch on your right hamstring, and let the dumbbell get closer to the floor

5.       From this position, start to come back up the same way you came down by squeezing your hamstring and your glute, on the top of your leg 

ð  These 5 steps equal 1 rep

ð  For this exercise I suggest you do 15 reps for each leg (finish the 15reps for one leg before starting with the other one), and try not to rest between each leg

ð If you can, try doing 4sets of 15 reps(per leg) with 30 to 45sec rest between each set. This will give you great results 

Don't forget to keep hydrating, so drink lots of water!


2nd exercise : the dumbbell sumo deadlift

Muscle target :

  • Gluteus maximus
  • Adductor magnus

As the 1st exercise, start with a light weight suitable to your body strengt. Make sure to not pick a weight that is too heavy as you want to get a good workout, but without injuring yourself.

1.       Place the dumbbell straight up underneath you

2.       Place your legs in a position slightly wider than your shoulders, and make sure to rotate your feet slightly outwards

3.      Again, keep your weight on your heels. Then grab the dumbbell with your arms fully extended

4.       Push your hips backwards, and keep your back straight with your chest up

5.       Whilst sitting in this deep stretch position, lifting the dumbbell, you should feel the tension in your adductors and glutes

6.       Stand up the same way you went down by squeezing your glute

ð  These 6 steps equals 1 rep.

ð  For this exercise try to complete 4 sets of 15 reps with 30 to 45sec rest between each set


After the 15reps, if you realise you could do more, increase the weight for both exercises.

Repeat these two exercises, at least twice a week to see an improvement.

Keep checking us out for more fitness exercises and tips ! (with the professional advice straight from one of the best personal trainers in London)


Margot, xx