A few years ago my boyfriend and I travelled to Thailand. It was the first time for me and as we only had 10 days we decided to try out two different places. We spent the first few days at Rai Leh (อ่าวไร่เล), also commonly known as Railay West beach. You can only access this part of the Krabi coast by boat, which means that you are further away from lot`s of other tourists ;).

The beach itself is very peaceful and beautiful with tall cliffs on either side. You can hire some kayaks on the beach to get around these huge Limestone walls to other beautiful beaches. 


As we were traveling in the rainy season, we got a little shower every day but we actually found it very refreshing and from time to time choose these moments to grab the camera and shoot some pictures of me in the sea while it was raining. 

We both love the moody soft light of a cloudy day, just before the sun is about to set and I think we captured some unusual lighting for Thailand. It was a special trip for me as it was our first holiday as a couple and I can't wait to go back one day soon and explore other coastlines.