It is the 1st of December, and we think it's fair to say that Christmas has officially started. Yes, we know the decorations at and around Oxford Circus have been up since the end of the summer - but today is when it starts for real. Well at least for us :)

As much as we love christmas in London, we have put together a little list of things that reminds us of Christmas at home. So here are some of ours - what are your christmas traditions?


For Sara one of the main things that really gets her into Christmas mood is baking gingerbreads, or 'pepperkaker' as they are called in Norway. It makes the whole house smell festive, and its a nice and social thing to do together with friends and family :)


This is a lovely Norwegian Christmas tradition. Its something so magical about being all wrapped up in a sleight on a snowy December night, with the jingle bells making festive sounds. Oh and the only lights are the fire torches.

Photo from:  https://www.flickr.com


A German Christmas tradition is the Advent wreath, It is a circular garland of evergreen branches representing eternity. On that wreath, usually 4 candles are typically arranged. During the season of Advent one candle on the wreath is lit each Sunday as part of every Advent. The first Advent this year was the 29th of November.

You can either make one wreath yourself or buy it in many decoration, - interior design shops, flower shops, Christmas markets or even in a supermarket in Germany. As Annabell is a very creative person she would consider to use her DIY skills and create one for her home in London. It is actually great fun to find some inspiration online and to go to shops and buy the material which are needed :) 

Here are some Advent wreath inspiration pictures.


Also from Germany, the Advent Calendar is now popular in every country, used to count or celebrate the days in anticipation of Christmas. Not only the children are impatient until this special day ! Of course, the tasty one is full of chocolate but you could find others with different contents.

Here some ideas :) Margot's favourite will be always the gourmet one !

The tasty Advent Calendar   Lindt  .

The tasty Advent Calendar Lindt.

To warm up every morning with   Fortnum&Mason  .

To warm up every morning with Fortnum&Mason.

The Beauty Advent Calendar from   Selfridges&Co  .

The Beauty Advent Calendar from Selfridges&Co.

Another Beauty one really complete, in store  The Body Shop

Another Beauty one really complete, in store The Body Shop


Culinary specialities are one of the yummy parts until Christmas Eve. France has so many different ways to savour during the wait.  One of Margot's favourite is the Manalas (Manala, mannele, männele), called as well "wee men" for Saint Nicolas on Dec 6th, this sweet is popular in Alsace, located on France's east. Failing at buying the Manalas, you can cook it easily in a lovely atmosphere with family. Here a recipe :) Bon appétit !

Photo from : http://www.geocaching.com

Photo from : http://www.geocaching.com



It's always been very important for Zsanett to be able to spend Christmas with her family in Hungary. So whichever corner of the world she was living in at the time, she's always made sure to spend the holidays with her loved ones. Well every year except for one time when she had to stay in Beijing for modeling. Worst idea ever - people don't celebrate Christmas there, so she had to work on Christmas eve...

Her mom and her auntie have a cute tradition of them driving up to Budapest, from the country side where Zsanett is from. They all go to the yearly Budapest Christmas Market to have some food and mulled wine, before driving back home together just in time for Christmas eve :)