Weather, dryer, diet,...are not always appropriated to keep healthy hair, that's why you have to feed your hair !

One of Margot's favourites are products with coconut. Indeed, this ingredient is full of benefits : moisturizes dry hair, adds shine and softness to your hair, maintains the scalp health, prevents hair breakage, stimulates hair growth and slows down hair loss.



The brand PALMER'S is specialized in skin and hair care products. They have a great range of coconut oil products with no sulfates and no parabens !




Another perfect brand for the care of your hair is OGX, paraben-free, salon-inspired formulas contain exotic and active ingredients. They have an exclusive blend of coconut milk, the smell is amazing !


You can also add to your diet brewer's yeast as tablets or as powder (to dust in your salad for example), it will definitively make your hair longer and stronger ! Try it for 2 months, you will see a difference :)


Here some tips for your hair in your daily routine : - Wash your hair three times a week maximum - Avoid hot showers - Massage your scalp to encourage circulation - Use a low-heat setting for drying your hair.

More you will live a natural lifestyle, more your hair will be healthy and shiny !! xx