Aromatherapy Associates London   at Barnsley House SPA

Aromatherapy Associates London at Barnsley House SPA

This De-Stress Mind Bath & Shower Oil is one of the best oils I've ever purchased. Sadly, while I was finding out more about the Aromatherapy Associates company, I came across some very sad news. Geraldine Howard, Chairman and Co-founder of Aromatherapy Associates, passed away on 7th January 2016, after a long fight against cancer. She has created a series of really amazing products that are specifically designed to help people with medical problems.

I first experienced her products while staying at the Barnsley House Spa back in the Autumn. I posted about this place separately and heres a link to that - click

I had a massage treatment using these products and was amazed at how relaxing they were. I purchased the De-Stress Mind Bath & Shower Oil to take home and try. It's a very strong oil and I use less than the advised amount. My bath was amazing and I felt the relaxing effects long after I got out. It smells lovely and comes in a really beautiful bottle so it also looks great on the shelf. xx Annabell


Buy the De-Stress range   here

Buy the De-Stress range here