If you are looking for a really full-on workout that will both tone your legs and make you sweat, but you don't have lots of time to work out - this video will be perfect for you!

Gwyneth Paltrow's personal trainer and business partner, Tracy Anderson, has put together an amazing leg-workout routine which only last for less than 15minutes - and we can all find 15 free minutes every now and then can't we? All you need is a chair, and something soft for underneath your knees. Oh, and of course you need a bit of space to kick your legs around ;) 

This is one of Zsanett and Sara's favourite workouts. It might just last for 15 minutes, but we found it so super hard the first couple of times (or maybe we were just in seriously bad shape). 

This top Zsanett is wearing here is unfortunately not for sale anymore, but Nike sells something very similar here:

Tracy Anderson is also doing a whole lot of other great workout routines, and her routines are customised for your body type. They are varied, and sometimes involves dancy movements - so there is something for everyone. 

You should check out her website and work here:

She designs some great workout wear too :)