While Zsanett was in Hungary for the holidays, she decided to treat herself to this beautiful coat from one of her favorite Hungarian brands, USE UNUSED. She is so happy about the purchase of this nice fashion piece, it's just so well made and warm. Also she loves the fact that she probably won't see many of these puppies walking around on the streets of London.. ;) 


We found this street art while strolling through Soho on the look out for cool spots to shoot.. 

zsanett purle.jpg


A bit about USE UNUSED

Founded in 2004 by Eszter Füzes, Attila Godena-Juhász and András Tóth,  USE UNUSED has become the leading Hungarian high contemporary fashion brand within the Hungarian market.

Since 2008, the brand entered the US and Asian markets as well. The motivation of the three designers was to create a worldwide-known Hungarian high contemporary fashion label that is successful globally, and yet still carries something ethnic, something inimitable ‘Hungarian’, which can distinguish the brand from any others.

Find more on their website: