Sara for ditt bryllup

I know it's usually Thursday when we can be throwing things back, but throw back Sunday works too right..? :P

Today we are looking back at one of my absolute favourite shoots of all time, my shoot with the Norwegian wedding magazine Ditt Bryllup. I actually got to be the cover-girl, and as this magazine only comes out with one issue per year year, I was on the cover for quite some time...... Lets just say that people had time to get a bit sick of my face :p ha!

Theres now a new issue out of Ditt Bryllup (my rain is over :p), and the issue is fab! So if you are Norwegian and engaged (or just want inspiration for the future), then go and get yourself a copy of Ditt Bryllup :)



This was a total princess shoot, with loads of beautiful dresses, flowers and jewellery. I did a 12 spread series of photos as well as the cover, so I got to try out A LOT of wedding dresses, for those who haven’t tried one on before - they take quite some time to  in and out off... 


Photo: Renate Torseth

Styling: Lillian Vangsen

Styling assistant: Karen Elieson

Hair: Janette Gjerde

Makeup: Julie Botned

VED: Charlotte Morits


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