Eye Model for Google Glasses

A little while back now, I(Sara) did a slightly different modeling job - I filmed an advert for Google glasses and Net-A-Porter, and in the add they only used my left eye. I spent the whole day lying down with several cameras and lights surrounding my face. It must sound like the easiest and most relaxed job ever, but it was actually one of the most challenging ones I've had. I could not move for hours, and I had lots of really strong blinking lights in my eyes constantly. Poor me right..? :P Haha, no I had a great day and everyone on set was very nice and helpful, so I really cant complain. Anyway, here is the video! Btw, check out my amaaaazing acting skills by the end of the video – I managed to shed one single tear on command. Oh yes, I'm definitely a highly skilled eye model :P Ha!