Last year 'The 4 of us' had a meeting about our blog and as we were chatting we realised it would be such a great idea and fun project to organise our first shoot together. 

With involving some of our friends and contacts from the industry, we wanted to create something cool, strong and edgy to show a little bit of our diversity as models. 

So here it began with Zsanett who contacted her Hungarian photographer friend, Adam Von Mack, who wanted to get involved straight away and had been helpful with giving advice regarding some ideas for the shoot. 

Next thing was that Zsanett got her flatmate, and best friend, Imola Fedor involved, who is currently on her last year studying fashion styling at Instituto Marangoni, London. 

Imola was mainly using Designer clothes, heels and accessories from young and local designers around London.

Annabell has asked the lovely Jane Bradley, celebrity make up artist and her friend, Alex Price to do our hair. Also Sara had been offered by her videographer friend from Norway, André Brenni to do a behind the scenes video which we all love a lot.

AAANNND we had the unbelievable opportunity to shoot at one of London's hottest hotels, The London Edition, in their Punch room bar

Lot's of preparation and organising guys, lots! :)   

Next week we'll be posting the final results, but for now, take a look at our behind the scenes photos and video.

Enjoy! xx

Zsanett rocking blue-glitter smokey eyes :) 

Zsanett rocking blue-glitter smokey eyes :) 

André filming Margot, while Adam took shots of her

André filming Margot, while Adam took shots of her


Follow the link to see more of Andrés work :)