Let's feel a little bit of warmth during this cold winter! One year and a half ago, I (Margot) had the opportunity to travel around Brazil for 3 months, and today I'm sharing with you one of the shoots from my time there.


Of course, it was winter there as well but so much warmer than the winter in Europe. We were shooting the new jewellery campaign for Dolores Iguacel in an amazing property, with a wonderful garden and a swimming pool.

I really loved shooting with this Brazilian team, even though for one of the shots I had to go in the swimming pool, which was freeeeezing. We had to be fast because my lips got purple in less than 10 minutes...

We were looking for bold fashion pieces to complete the brightly colored statement jewellery :) I hope you will like them.

xx, Margot.

Photographer: Victor Collor de Mello

Make-up artist: Bel Lüscher

Stylist: Bruna Sampaio