L’eau à La Bouche at Broadway market, London

A few days ago the 4 of us found the time to catch up on a lovely sunny but very cold January day. It`s always very hard to get the 4 of us together, but when it works out we always try to explore a different area and hopefully a new place to eat ;)

This time we went to Broadway market in east London, which Annabell lives close to and knows quite well. Whilst catching up, we always end up taking tons of pictures of each other and everything we eat and drink. 

We went to L'Eau à la Bouche, a Café & Deli near the London Fields end of B'way market. It gets really busy so we were lucky to get a spot near the window at lunchtime to enjoy some yummy sandwiches and soup. The Pumpkin and Pistachio soup (pictured below) was especially tasty, it even had bacon shavings on top!




We are not really sure what happened here, but let`s say - Annabell loves to look super stupid sometimes and Zsanett just did her thing ;) haha. Thanks Sara for capturing this funny moment with your camera.