I was recently going through my laptop looking for old pictures of me at 17. It was a lot of fun scrolling back to those early shoots and it brought back memories and reminded me of when I started building up my portfolio.

I remember being so excited hearing that the agency booked me on a cool test shoot (like this one below). The shoot was in Düsseldorf, Germany with photographer Daniel Roché. We had a great stylist, whose name I can't remember, but she bought some amazing and very fancy designer clothes.

Test shoots don't always turn out as well as this one did, but these shoots are so important to gain experience working with top photographers and learning how to model properly. xx Annabell

The makeup artist created looks that were strong yet very natural. At this point my hair was very short as I had just shot a hair job for a hair brand a few weeks before and they cut my hair unfortunately in an undercut Bob, which made getting booked for jobs actually very hard :(.