Happy Valentines Day <3 

It's the day of love and romance, and we are keeping to this theme here on the blog today as well. It's become quite popular for couples to run social media platforms together recently, sharing their lives together for the rest of the world to see. Dome of them might be a tad too lovey dovey, and some of them are slightly over sharing maybe.. So turn away now if you can't handle sickly sweet and amazingly beautiful couples sharing their love!!! But if you do fancy a bit of beautiful romance and great travel photos, then check out these 3 cyber-couples! <3



This couple seems to be traveling to some of the most amazing places around the world, and we are totally mesmerised with how beautiful these places are, and how gorgeous this couple is!! The sportsman/photographer and his model girlfriend is definitely on to something here - do like their already joint 7.5 million followers(!!!) and go and check them out for more sun, sand, sea, palm trees and romance! 

Instagram: @jayalvarrez & @alexisren

Snapschat: alexisreng



Samuel & Hildegunn

Like the couple above, this blonde Finish-Norwegian duo is also traveling around the world, visiting some amazing places - and of course; sharing the moments with us online! They both have a big following on Instagram and their photos are both beautiful and dreamy <3 

Instagram: @hilvees & @eljackson


This very cool looking couples wedding was featured on ROCK N ROLL BRIDE when they eloped to Vegas to get married! is a blogg who features peoples extraordinary weddings, to inspire brides and grooms-to-be to plan their perfect wedding. 

Ainsley and Sebastien had quite an untraditional wedding, and it's great fun to have a look through all of their amazing wedding photos shot by Janneke Storm. If you'd like to scroll through the rest of their photos, and want to read the post featuring their Vegas wedding then click here!