Pho is one of our very favorite restaurants in London. They serve different types of very delicious Vietnamese food, but the highlight on their menu is the delicious Pho soup – hence the name ;p The soup is served together with a plate filled with fresh herbs, vegetables and spices – and its sooo yummy! So if you want a taste-explosion and enjoy slightly spicy food, then Pho is the place for you :) 

We have mentioned Wardour Street before (a street crossing Oxford Street right between Tottenham Court Road and Oxford Circus) as it’s a street filled with great eateries and places to go for drinks. Pho has quite a few restaurants spread around London, but there is also one in Wardour Street, so here’s yet another great place to stop for lunch or dinner in between the Central London shopping rounds! 

Here's Pho's website if you want to check out their menu: