We hope you have checked out our November guest blogger, Terry Seah, and his amazing work! 

All 4 of us did a shoot together a few weeks ago, out in a beautiful park near where Terry lives a bit north of London. It was one of those weird days, where the weather couldn't really decide how it was feeling... One minute the sun was shining and the sky was blue, and 2 minutes later it was chucking down with rain. Definitely not ideal photoshoot conditions, but we still managed to get some great shots, thanks to Terry :) And, the mixing weather also showed us a beautiful double and complete rainbow, thats was pretty special! We set up our little camp in a tiny bird watch shed, so we had somewhere dry to wait for the rain to pass whilst we admired the stunning rainbow. 

The first couple of shots were taken whilst we were sitting down in some high grass, and it took a bit of time before finding the perfect position. It's a bit tricky sometimes getting it right with 3 people sitting in the same shot - but we got there in the end :) By the very end of our shoot we ended up standing in a sea of nettles, and for some reason we just couldn't stop giggling - this is just sounding more and more glamours the more we write... ha :P

It ended up being a slightly different day to our normal days running around in busy London, but it was a great day! We got some lovely shots taken, and we had a fab time together with Terry, his husband and their two adorable little dogs <3  





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