What photography means to photographer Terrence Seah

I've arrived back in England all safe and sound after 4 and a half weeks in South East Asia. Sincerest apologies to the girls I took this long to write something, but I'm finally here.

It's good to be back, my homeland Penang had been great, and Siem Reap was just the icing on the cake. It feels abit strange to be back in my own space, a little too quiet, almost foreign and far too cold.

Here’s a glorious shot of one of the seven wonders of the world:

Angkor Wat

I’m not very much of a writer, I still struggle with words sometimes. I have to be honest I was pretty clueless about what to write when Zsanett first approached me to guest blog here. We were sitting in this little Thai restaurant when the idea of writing something personal about photography and the industry was initiated. I'd like to highlight that whatever I'm about to write is not directed to any particular person, it's just my personal opinions based on my experiences in the industry and my journey as a photographer.

I was exposed to the world of photography at a very young age. I always knew photography is what I'd like to pursue professionally, There is just something magical about creating imagery.

So, what is photography to me?

I personally think it all comes down to vision, or imagination, its about the ability to envision a look in your head, and then to create an imagery with your equipments at hand. When I decided to go pro I spent the first 3 years exploring framing and learning to light in different weather conditions. Artificial lighting came very much later when I trained as an assistant in studios.

I remember very vividly when there was a time in the beginner years when I was afraid to do anything other than exactly what I thought were the rules. I now believe those evil mental rules can limit flexibility and creativity.

Image sharpness, color, noise, composition and having the best equipments are only some of the examples of the 'rules' I carry with me on every shoot. That was until I realized simply investing in the best equipment doesn't elevate your imaginations, nor does producing the most pixel perfect and technically sharp images make my work more 'passion-inspiring'.

Photography is a journey to me, a journey where I learn what I wanted and needed, a journey where I also learn what I didn't have and what I had to work on. An exciting journey where I'm sometimes rewarded with images that are a good balance between what I want and what I need. A little bit like life really.  

The industry itself can get a little crazy, I still get confused at times when I’m approached to work for free causing me frustration that some people do not fully understand the investment into the photography industry. You sometimes get people are just simply looking to hire a camera to do the job, I'm not a camera, a camera can't do what I do.

What happened to working with someone because you love their work and their style, and not because the price is right?

I still sit down from exhaustion in between chasing my dreams and running away from my fears and I feel that’s ok, because like I said it’s really about the journey.

I could go on and on about this, but as an introduction I’d like to keep this entry as lighthearted as possible. All the key points I’d like to talk about are a little vague now, maybe I’ll find myself again after I get this jet lag malarkey sorted. And maybe next time I'm invited to guest blog again I wouldn't leave it until the last minute and actually write something less plain and more about my pursuit of dreams.

If you made it here, I really hope you enjoyed reading my little entry, here’s when I sign off with a recent shot I took of my best friend.

Til’ next time & thanks for having me girls.



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