Fabrique Bakery is a chain of 4 cute little cafés located around London. A few weeks ago Annabell and I (Sara) went to their bakery in Earlham Street, located right between Soho and Covent Garden. Fabrique is a Swedish bakery, and is therefore naturally filled with yummy Scandinavian treats. The main attraction is their sweet buns (or boller as we say in Scandinavia), and they make the classic Swedish cinnamon buns, as well as cardamom and saffron buns.

When I first moved to London I couldn't fins grounded cardamom anywhere as no one seems to use it over here (I just didn't know where to look yet), which was a quite a stress for me as cardamom is a very important ingredient when baking in Norway :P So I have been bringing grounded cardamom with me over from Norway for the last few years. Oh the problems I'm having to go through... haha! The saffron bun is mainly made on the 13th of December when we celebrate St. Lucia Day over in Scandinavia, we call the yellow cakes for Lussekatter. The 13th is coming up very soon, so if you fancy trying out a new christmas tradition then try baking these yummy cakes (Find the recipe here). Or you can just go and eat some saffron cakes at the Fabriqe Bakery..... if you live in London that is. 

The bakery also sells freshly baked bread, and loads of customers seemed to be popping in just to buy this whilst we sat there enjoying our coffee and buns. So the breads must be pretty good too ;) It's definitely worth a visit if you have a sweet tooth, and happen to be in the area. It also feels quite festive in there with its distinct cinnamon smell, so it's a good time to go there! 


Shoreditch: Arch 385, Greffrey Street

Covent Garden: 8 Earlham Street

Notting Hill: 212 Portobello Road

Fitzrovia: 53 Goodge Street

Their website: fabrique.co.uk

So yummy <3

So yummy <3


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