Let's face it... eating on the go isn't ideal, but sometimes we have no option! No matter how organized we are - when you have a crazy schedule , a nice, healthy, home-cooked meal isn't always possible.

With that in mind, it doesn't mean you have to reach for the junk food, which of course, is the most convenient and not to mention, the less costly option over the healthy stuff! Talk about try to encourage people to eat well... You just have to make good choices and luckily, here in New York, I'm totally spoilt for choice!

After finding out a few years ago I had developed an allergy to both dairy and wheat (along with other digestive issues)... This is where my initial interest for healthy alternative living started. Being the big foodie I am, this was the worst news ever. I had no choice but to do my own self study using trial and and error to see what worked for me. I can still struggle at times, especially on shoots and eating out, but I've managed to find lots of great alternatives without having to overload on the carbs to be full;

One of the advantages of modelling is that you pretty much are always on the go. Whether it's running like a crazy person from one side of town to the other, standing in line at castings or on set. I'm always keeping active some way or another.

For some reason when I am travelling or on a long commute, that being a train journey or on plane, I always have the urge to eat EVERYTHING in sight! Or is that just me? Maybe out of boredom or simply just being pig -like, I don't know. The way to tackle this is to pack your snacks for your journey!


 *   Stay away from pastries. That's one thing I will say ! No matter where you are: airport, petrol station etc. Pastries are not your friend . They are full of empty calories, generally don't fill you up for long and cause you to have sugar crashes... and most likely feeling like you want to eat more.

 *   Drink lots of water! The amount of times I feel I'm hungry but in fact I'm just thirsty. Always make sure you're carrying a bottle of water in your bag.

Here are some more 'food on the go' tips as well as some good places I love to eat at in New York:



I've found these great RX Bars which I absolutely love. The packaging says'no BS' and that is definitely the case. Made from only the ingredients shown listed in the pic. These are a quick energy boost after lunch or maybe before the gym. They come in lots of other yummy flavors too.

These are only available in the states at most Whole-Foods or Trader Joe's but below is a U.K alternative which are just as good and again contain 'No Bs' ;) just like these bars .


Organic Food Bar / Active Greens

These are vegan / gluten free and contain 11g of protein. Again great for a quick afternoon pick me up or before / after a workout. To warn you in advance they do not look the most appetising but believe me they taste better than they look. Available at Whole Foods or most healthy stores in U.K.

Not to mention my absolute fav British Nakd bars, the limited edition carrot cake is the best, which my beautiful friend Tess Dimos (the September guest blogger ) hooked me up with when she came to visit!


I generally alternate between the 3. Unlike other cereal / energy bars out there, these are not full of sugars and other unnecessary ingredients! Makes them guilt free just as we like it 😃  and that doesn't mean you eat 4 in one go either (definitely done that before though).





Some fruits are more beneficial than others. Stick with the 'superfruits' if you can, these are lower in sugar and higher in antioxidants especially the berries. Apples are always questionable but believe it or not are very high in fibre and have lots of benefits.

Have more:

  • Watermelon
  • Grapefruits
  • Apples
  • Berries ( Blueberries, Blackberries & Raspberries )




These are another favourite thing to snack on as they are a rich source of protein but of course in moderation. The key is to not get carried away as they are so moorish. A handful is ideal and you want the unsalted not the salted.

The mix to go for with the most health benefits is:

  • Walnuts
  • Almonds
  • Brazil's
  • Pecans

I can't get enough of the Whole Foods bulk pick n mix. I prefer to buy in bulk now as you can limit yourself to how much you need. If you buy a larger size bag you're more likely to eat the whole thing, I know I can!

The Whole Foods sprouted walnuts and pecans nuts are the ones for me at the moment. Sprouting is definitely the way forward. The soaking process makes the digesting a lot easier while increasing the availability of calcium iron and zinc. Of course if you can't find sprouted or would rather not go through the stress of soaking them, then normal are great too.



Carrot sticks and humus.

This is always s good easy snack on the go, you have your veg and protein fix here. They usually come ready packed. If you do not manage to find ready-made, grab a bag of carrots and a humus pot.

You may get a few looks on the train but who cares ? You will feel a lot better and more energized when your done compared to that person opposite you eating a Mc Donald's stinking out the train / subway . Ha



POKE SPOT ( Union Square Network )

Poke (a Hawaiian speciality) is literally popping up everywhere here in New York and luckily one of the best is down the road from me! I'm actually addicted. Oh and it's pronounced poh-Kay not poh-Kee which is what I was calling it. Apparently means 'to slice or cut 'in Hawaii.

So you can either pick from their signatures or build your own poke bowl.

Start with picking your base; unlike many other poke places you can choose Zucchini noodles ( spiralled courgette) which is what I usually have!

Other options for base are:

  • Rice bowl
  • Salad
  • Burrito


You then add your protein ( choice of tuna salmon, shrimp, organic tofu & chicken ) mix-ins, toppings then sauce and viola..!

Literally the best thing ever and guilt free also ! (depending which sauce and base you get of course)

The best sauce by far is the spicy miso but if you want to be super healthy then the sesame ginger is a less calorific option.







Last but not least,


Love Ramen ?

I'm sure when you saw ramen, you thought.. well that's not exactly healthy, a huge bowl of noodles..

Rest assured I've managed to find a great alternative and probably even more tasty than the traditional ramen places you'll find with a load of added GMs and lots of other things you probably don't know about.

Souen serves macrobiotic health food with a Japanese focus. All organic ingredients.

Not only serving ramen but many other options from veg plates, salads to fish/ sushi options.

Tahini Soyu Ramen is what I normally go for with zucchini or brown rice noodles and added salmon or shrimp depending how hungry I am. It's a traditional savoury broth made with a gluten free shoyu with tahini sauce and lots of veg topped with roasted pumpkin (another obsession right now).

You have the choice of noodles:

  • Organic wheat
  • Zucchini GF
  • Buckwheat
  • Brown rice GF
  • Homemade soba

I highly recommend this to anyone vegetarian / vegan or just general foodies who want to experiment with clean tasty food. They do not use any chemicals, no refined, preservatives, meat or dairy products in their kitchen.

Hope you've enjoyed reading this post. I'm hoping I have given you some useful tips you can take on board to give you that extra health kick before Christmas!


Stay tuned for my last post for the month with the 4ofus in a couple weeks .

I'll be speaking about my personal beauty tips and my shoot with make up artist Charlotte Tilbury :) 


Nicola xoxo



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