After having pretty much the exact same hair colour and cur for years, I felt it was time for a change! However, as model you can’t really change your look too much (unless you are happy to change your whole portfolio and hope that this new look still books you jobs...). As much as I would have loved to go for a massive change, I had to go find a solution somewhere in between my usual look and going crazy! So I went for a long bob, whilst keeping my own natural colour as its just to boring having to colour it all the time. I tried that once, yup I coloured my hair very dark brown with a hint of lilac when I was 16. I loved it, but with my very fair natural colour, the roots made me look as if I was becoming bold… Therefor I had to keep colouring my roots at least every two week. Waaay to much hassle!

16 and brunette (and wearing way to colourful makeup)! Ha :P 

16 and brunette (and wearing way to colourful makeup)! Ha :P 

Anyway, back to the bob! This haircut has become more and more popular throughout this year, and we keep seeing celebs joining the trend. It’s totally understandable, it’s a length that is very flattering for most people, you get to cut if all your dry ends, and maintenance is way easier than for long hair. As you can see from the pictures, I went for a long bob. Again, this is due to having to keep my hair as similar as possible to how my hair is in my portfolio.

Best thing about this whole haircut thing… it only cost me £20 !! I always dread going to the hairdresser, as it always seem to cost so much, so I kept putting it of for ages. And the other day my boyfriend Ben was going for his usual 10 minutes cut down the street and told me to come. They also did ladies cuts, and had a free appointment, so 15 minutes later and £20 poorer I walked out with my new hair J Of course if you want the full experience with a hair wash, massage, colour and a more complicated cut you must of course accept that this will cost a lot more then £20, but for something as simple as this it can be very cheap. It’s good to know there are many options! 





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