Here are the final photos for the i-D magazine competition Zsanett's friend, Imola was entering a couple of days ago! We love the concept of this competition, and how they are campaigning for the celebration of a wider range of sizes, shapes, ages, abilities, ethnicities and genders in fashion! 

If you've missed the behind the scene photos and video, click here to check them out! 

Shareefa wore collared coat by Lavina Cadar

Adeline wore top and laced pants by Fancesca Capper, Theio wore a jacket by Stephen Garvey

Lucinda wore a blouse by Topshop,  Adrian wore suede west by Stephen Garvey

Zsanett wore ceramic decorated leather jacket by Nicola Bacchilega

Here is a list of people that contributed to the shoot:

Photographer: Aleksandra Klicha

Make Up: Kaarin Helmers

Hair: Maria Ajakainen and Maria Gomez from Vidal Sassoon

Styling: Imola Fedor

Models: Shareefa and Lucinda from Models1

Adeleine from M+P

Theio and Adrian from Established models

Zsanett from Mot models