As in all industries, the modeling industry is also changing rapidly these days and the agencies are always looking for ways to renew themselves. MOT Models, the agency that Sara, Zsanett and Annabell is with, has recently started to make promotion videos for their models as part of their portfolio. We think it's a great idea, as a natural video will better show the clients the real us, in contrast to many of the processed photographs which can sometimes make us look quite different from our true selves. Sara and Annabell were some of the first of MOTs models to filmed this promo, and they actually ended up filming on the very same day - a sunny and extremely warm day in London during the end of last summer (I've now started to forget that such days actually exists....). Anyway thanks to a makeupartist on set, I managed to look presentable after feeling very flustered from running around (in boiling hot London) all day for castings. Im happy with the result, and it has made me realise that I move my arms and play with my hair far too much, but other than that I think it turned out alright :) Annabell has gotten her video back as well, so we will be posting this here too sometime during the next couple of weeks. So watch this space!