Zsanett recently found out that her friend whom she's known for years back from when she lived in Asia has recently launched this really cool modular and bendable eye wear brand in Hong Kong, with distributers in over 10 countries - no need to worry if they don't sell in your country yet, they ship world wide through their website , make sure you check them out!

Alessandro - Zsanett's friend has been super kind and sent her 2 pairs, and she is very very happy about them, they fold up so easily, you don't need to carry big cases with you, and it fits in any size pocket -believe me, I've tried! :))  What a win! Also, you can just switch the metal/ silicon polymer core around, creating all different looks that fits your mood and outfit, not to mention they have 100% UVA and UVB protection! 


Here are a couple of shots of their instagram : baendit_eyewear , check them out and hit follow, support new businesses y'all! :)

Here a little Boomerang of  Zsanett wearing her second pair, and she is loving it! ;)