Shades of white

So the lovely bank holiday weekend here in The UK is now over, and its back to work! Annabell has actually been working in Spain shooting for The Daily Mirror all weekend, so haven exactly been a long weekend of for her (photos will come soon!). Sara and Zsanett also used these days off to go traveling, but they both decided to go on trips back to their home countries. Sara has been on a shoot in Oslo and stayed there for a few extra days to celebrate her friend's birthday, and Zsanett is still in Hungary spending some much needed time with her friends and family. 

Anyway, enough about the bank holiday! Lets talk about all of these shots we have shared in this post! You might have noticed that we have a brand new header on the top of our page :) This was shot a few weeks ago by Brian Rolfe, when we all traveled to Essex where Brian has his studio. We did the styling our selves and the lovely Georgie Harris did our hair and makeup. The day of our shoot was the very hottest day in The UK so far this year (I doubt we will get a hotter day then this in 2016), and we were melting away in that studio!!! We did however want a glowy and dewy skin, and the insane heat actually helped us achieve that, ha! 

We love this combo of soft colors and light, and we are very happy with the final result. Think we all have some new material for our portfolios! 


Georgie Harris (Hair and Makeup):


Instagram: georgie_mua

Brian Rolfe (photo):


Instagram: @brianrolfephoto