Welcome back!

If you have been here visiting our page over the last few months, you might have noticed that it has been rather quite here. We apologize for our absence, and lack of posts - but sometimes life happens, unexpected things that suddenly take up a lot of time. So instead of forcing material for the blog and writing half ok posts, we decided to take our time to get back on track, rethink and to revamp the blog! So here we are, ready, excited and eager to continue with our ´The 4 Of us´ project, and we hope you want to continue this journey with us :)

Shot by  Brian Rolfe

Shot by Brian Rolfe

So a few things have changed. You might have seen that we have a new header  (shot by the very talented Brian Rolfe), and we are only 3 girls in this photo. Margot is now no longer part of this blog, at least not for now. Her plan when we started the blog was to stay in The UK for a while, but her situation changed and she is now back in France. She is still busy traveling the world with her modeling work, but London is no longer her base. First we wanted to try having her involved anyway, as it is so easy to stay in touch online these days. Even so, it was decided that it was for the best that she no longer contributes to the blog. A big part of the fun behind this project is the social side of it, the fact that we all meet up for events, try out new restaurants in London together, or just meet up to work on the blog whilst catching up is why we love doing this. Margot would naturally miss out on most of this, which takes away a lot of the point. As well as being busy with modeling, Margot has also gone back home to be with her family in France. Family is important and should always come first, so we 100% support her inn her decision. We hope she will come and guest blog for us sometimes, so that we can get an update on what is going on in her life in France and around the world.

What about our name then, we are after all called The 4 Of Us…. which is a pretty silly name for a group of only 3. Our solution to this though, is a new aspect of the blog that we are very excited about! Every month we will have a guest blogger as the 4th person, who will post on this page approximately once a week. We meet so many interesting and inspiring people through our work, so our guests will mainly be people from our industry; other models, photographers, stylists, makeup artists and so on.

Tess Dimos - our very first guest blogger! Bring on September :) Shot by Mark Barnfield.

Tess Dimos - our very first guest blogger! Bring on September :) Shot by Mark Barnfield.

We are very happy to announce that our very first guest blogger will be the stunning Tess Dimos, a fellow model from MOT models. She has done several exciting campaigns through her career, and we can’t wait for her to share some of her stories, and work here very soon. So watch this space!