CC Vest Magasinet

Hi, Sara here! About a month ago, I flew over to Oslo to do this shoot for CC Vest - a shopping mall just outside of Central Oslo. The shots we did are already out, which surprisingly fast - but good of course!! Normally I have to wait for several months, sometimes almost a year until the photos gets released. Wish every job could be like this! 

Btw - if you are from Norway, you must read further down. You can skip all my other nonsens babbling, but the info under the next photo is important! Specially if you like clothes!! :) 

I don`t often work when Im over in Norway, as I usually only visit my home town Skien to spend time with friends and family. There aren`t exactly many modeling jobs there! :P So I was happy to be booked for this CC Vests job, and I already knew some of the lovely team that was working on this shoot. It was also the perfect excuse to spend a weekend in Oslo, and I even managed to combine my trip with a birthday/housewarming party which was held by one of my closest friends. Living in a different country to where I grew up, I always miss out on these type of events - so it felt good to finally be able to take part! I also had time to go to the cinema to see a new movie called 'Løvekvinnen' a Norwegian movie which premiered only 3 days before I arrived in Oslo. One of the main characters is played by another close friend of mine, so I was thrilled to actually catch the movie whilst it was still shown on the big screens! She was great in it! :) 

Ok, so I hope you have read this far if you live in Norway. These tree photos are part of a competition held by CC Vest. The winner gets an outfit worth 10.000 Kr, all you have to do is like their Facebook page and tell them which outfit you like the most in the commenting area. Good luck!! Feel free to also let us know here which of the outfits you prefer, it would be fun to see what you think. I know which one is my favorite :)