While I ( Zsanett ) was on holiday in Hungary I decided to do a little update on my portfolio, since my hair is now a bit blonder and shorter than before. 

I literally went through all my model girlfriend's instagram accounts looking for photographs I liked, and since the polite thing to do is to tag the creative team on any modelling pics you post, it wasn't that hard to find people I could message to see if they were available to take some shots of me. 

I've heard of photographer Chris Harris before from Sara and Annabell, they've both worked with him already, but never actually got around to dropping him a message seeing if he was around to shoot.

Well, he was, we set up a date, he came to my apartment, which was ideal , since I had my whole wardrobe here available to play with , a cool rooftop to climb out to and a lot of natural light , because I live on the top floor of my building.

Chris also has brought some cool clothes that we ended up using too, he is really easy to work with  and sends the edited pics back really quick, so all in all a very smooth and fun shoot, I can definitely recommend him! :)

Here is his instagram : chrisharrisuk

e-mail : info@chrisharrisphotography.co.uk

website : www.chrisharrisphotography.co.uk