Hey guys! I hope you've all had an amazing week, this will be my last entry for the4ofus and can I just add it's been a pleasure being their guest blogger throughout September! They're all mega babes.

So, my last post is about visiting New York and fellow MOT girl Nicola Achilleas (remember her name as she will be a guest blogger in the not so distant future for the4ofus! Exciting times!). Nicola now lives in NY and even though it's a sad time for me as I don't get to see her as much as I used to, it's also a perfect excuse to make regular trips to NY (not that anyone ever needed an excuse!).


There's so much to say about my week long trip but I'll try keep it short! Our first night out was on Saturday, we went to 60 Thompson Rooftop Bar which I highly recommend for a couple of cocktails with a view. Next was The Box which again comes highly recommended but only if you're not sober as it got pretty weird in there haha - in comparison to the one in London.. well, I don't think you can compare let's put it this way! I'm such a liability anyway but when I've had even a couple of drinks I actually need assistance from someone that's strong enough to deal with me, luckily I had Nicola haha, she knows when it's time for me to hit the sack.

Nicola and Tess at The 60 Thompson rooftop

Nicola and Tess at The 60 Thompson rooftop

Enjoying the New York sunshine in Central Park

Enjoying the New York sunshine in Central Park

On Sunday we visited Wholefoods twice for bites to eat - I literally lived there for the whole week!


Some of my favourite places for dinner was Gemma in East Village (you must try their truffle fries and octopus and artichoke salad!). Seamore's in Little Italy for their Poke Bowls (great spot after shopping on Broadway). Pylos also in East Village is perfect if you love Greek food.

After seeing the Cirque Du Soleil

After seeing the Cirque Du Soleil

Nicola took me to Cirque Du Soleil for my belated birthday present on Broadway which is a must do, I was on edge the whole time though thinking someone was going to hurt themselves! For dinner she took me to Little Prince where I demolished the whole chocolate creme brûlée that's pictured to myself, it's one of the best French restaurants I've been to for sure.

One of my favourite nights was my last night in New York with Nicola and her friends, we went to Minetta Tavern for yet another great French meal. After, we went to the legendary Comedy Cellar which is again an absolute must! I don't think I've ever laughed so much in my life, comedians like Kevin Hart, Louis CK & Dave Chapelle perform on a regular basis there. After, we went to Tao for a dance - still can't believe how packed that place was on a Tuesday night.

Shopping wise my favourite place hands down was Beacons Closet in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. I'd heard about this place through a friend and after visiting it definitely didn't disappoint.. ideal if you're into vintage! There's a few more dotted around but this one is definitely the best. Reformation also have amazing pieces and was introduced to me by Nicola! The Brandy and Melville is even better over there than in London too. Of course I also had to visit Victoria Secret, like three times.

I didn't really do any touristy type stuff as I had been to NY before, so I can't really tell you too much on what's good to visit. All I was interested in was seeing my friends and eating amazing food! During the day - if you love juices and you're into healthy eating grab a juice and acai bowl from Juice Generation (there's a few dotted around but I visited the one in Union Square a couple of times).

There's so many more places and so much more I want to tell you but I guess you'll have to visit there yourself if you haven't already. I said to my mum that I have never felt so at home somewhere (other than Greece). The people are so friendly, there's amazing talent everywhere you look! Dancers, singers, musicians etc and this place continues to blow my mind.

Anyway, I hope you guys have enjoyed my posts - I've tried to chuck a mixture of different things this month. Thank you all for reading! I love the girls at the4ofus so keep a lookout for all the amazing things they get up too!

Big love, Tess xx

We just wanted to say a massive thanks to Tess who was brave enough to join us as our very first guest blogger! It's been absolutely fantastic having her on board, and we are already planning new visits from Tess in the new year! Cant wait to have her back :)

Check in here tomorrow to see who our next guest will be - we can reveal that it will be all about the makeup for October. 

Annabell, Sara & Zsanett xxx