Birthday weekend in Cornwall

Hey guys! Hope your September is going well so far!
It's already been a busy one for me what with my birthday and a few shoots lined up (more on that in my next entry ;) ).
This entry is all about my birthday. My boyfriend Phil Grundy (also with MOT Models like the rest of the 4ofus) took me away to beautiful Cornwall. We stayed in apartment 102A at the St Moritz Hotel - which comes highly recommended! The seaside is only a 5 min walk away!

In our 3 night stay we enjoyed taking long walks, being pampered at the Cowshed spa which is part of the hotel with a facial and massages.
We also ate at Jamie Oliver's restaurant 'Fifteen' and Rick Steins flagship seafood restaurant and had lobster and champagne!

My birthday itself was so relaxing but the day before we went for a walk to the beach and sat on a rock looking out to sea. Stupidly I placed my bag on the rock behind and when a wave came I was worried it would soak it, I ended up face planting the sand below as I fell from the rock to get it. Ironically the bag ended up dry and I was the one swept away by the wave that came over me! I have shared the 'after' image for your amusement. Soaked through, I had to do 'almos't a walk of shame through the hotel with wet feet and a wet behind.

After the wave tried to ruin my bag! :P 

After the wave tried to ruin my bag! :P 

Cornwall is a perfect getaway if you love surfing, seafood, picturesque views and sandy beaches!

Hope you all have a great rest of the week and I'll be back for my new entry on my recent shoot with Adam Robertson!

Tess xx