EVERYTHING £5 Ecommerce work featuring Annabell & Sara

Last week on the blog, Annabell spoke about working as an ecom model, ecom shoots being jobs where you photograph lots and lots of items in one day for companies that sell clothes online. Annabell's post was about unrecognisable ecom photos, where most of the face is actually cropped out. There is obviously also the recognisable version og the ecom jobs, and a online store that uses full lenght shots of the models when selling their clothes, is Everything £5. Everything £5 is a page where you can literally buy every item on the page for only a fiver. How amazing is that!? Annabell has been working for this online store a lot throughout the last 6 months, and Sara just started working for them. This week we have both been in to shoot for them actually, Sara last Monday and Annabell last Friday. So they are keeping us busy, and thats of course very nice :) 

Everything £5 sell a lot of the left over stocks from big high street brands like Zara, Top Shop and H&M, and you can find some really nice pieces on this page for next to nothing (well, for a fiver!). As well as being able to find some nice day to day stuff, the website is also the perfect place to shop for fancy dress. Like if you are going to the type of parties where you need a very specific outfit for that one night, but you dont want to spend a fortune then this is the page to go to! :) 

Their website: www.everything5pounds.com