So January already has come to an how time flies. This means that this is our last blog post from our lovely guest blogger Mark Jenkinson. If you've been following us on our Instagram and here you might have seen that we have shot some header pictures with Mark a few months back at Victoria Park in East London. As Mark has a Canon 5D III Mark camera, we also thought it would be nice to film a little clip of us walking along the park in the sun :) haha we know it`s nothing exciting and we just did it for fun and thought it would be a cool little film. So have a look at it here: WHERE THE SUN SHINES by Mark Jenkinson

What you guys think?

We are actually really pleased with it even tho we had no concept! The cut looks great and as Sara`s Boyfriend is a Singer & Music Producer with his own studio, we involved him too. Ben & Sara had to pack there ski stuff to go on holiday the next day but Ben found some time to sit down in the studio with some music references from us. He quickly composed some music, wrote some lyrics and created this lovely song for us called 'Where the sun shines'. AAAAAANNNNNND the best about this song is that our very own GIRL - yes OUR GIRL SARA is singing the lyrics! And we think she has a beautiful voice. 

You might have seen a blog post about the latest FAT FACE campaign on here recently where Sara can be heard singing as well.  

We can`t wait to film more, and think of ideas to shoot and have Sara & Ben creating the music for it. Stay tuned, there is lot`s more to come! 



Click here to see the full post about our Header shoot with Mark Jenkinson back from October 2016 at Victoria Park in East London.