It was great to be invited to guest blog for THE 4 OF US as I love what they are doing and it’s the first time I’ve been approached to this sort of thing. I'm aware that my job is quite different from the usual guests that are featured and may not appeal to everyone so I will try and contribute something that is of interest. 

There is a small similarity in what I do with the work THE 4OF US girls do in that in modelling, the model tries to form some kind of emotional connection with the viewer. A look into the lens that transcends the printed page of computer screen in a way that pulls us as a viewer into the moment. Ideally, feeling something about the image we are gazing at. Talented models somehow manage to do this in a way that seems effortless to us viewers. Now my job, although very different, is also all about connecting viewers with images and stories in an emotionally engaging way and I can assure you that its no mean feat.

Over the coming weeks I'll be writing about a few of my favourite film projects and some of my personal photography work. 

First of I want to share my latest film for Honda/Acura and their brand new supercar the NSX. The idea was all about showcasing the unique hand built approach juxtaposed with the finished car driving. I wanted to make a strong connection between these two worlds and that even the parts in the factory were already imbued with the speed and power of the finished car. To create a visual feel that communicated this speed I had to shoot the factory scenes in a new way. I took film equipment normally reserved for the race track inside the factory so we could move around robots and the construction of the car at high speed. Factories are really fascinating places but I felt we had seen them a lot in car commercials and it was important that this original car also had an original visual aesthetic. This became all about speed and energy. 

You’ll notice lots of vibration in the driving and factory scenes. This was 100% intentional and something i added ‘in camera’ to help convert a sense of power emanating from the objects. I think this visual trick combined with the intense build of the music and sound design result in that emotional connection i was describing earlier. It’s a fine balance and it takes a lot of time to get it right and not over do it. Hopefully you can appreciate this in the film. 


Here are a few behind the scenes pictures to show the equipment we used to film and the full space. 

Russian Arm




Track shots


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