Today we starting the month with our new guest blogger throughout November: Tamsin Ivy who founded GLITZBOXa jewellery rental subscription service. Read all about her company and how she came up with this brilliant idea below. 

Tamsin Ivy founder of  GLITZBOX

Tamsin Ivy founder of GLITZBOX


The Idea

I came up with the idea for GLITZBOX whilst working at with the emerging jewellery and fashion brands there. I loved discovering new designers and helping them improve their imagery, ranges, and visibility. However, especially from the newer designers, I kept hearing the same concerns. They felt it was really hard to stand out, not only on Notonthehighstreet, but online in general. There is so much fashion and jewellery available these days that as a new brand it’s super hard to get noticed. Customers also find it overwhelming and end up going for big brands who they have heard of (like Pandora, Swarovski or Tiffany) instead of exciting but relatively unknown brands. It’s especially hard when compared to cheaper, mass-produced products at lower price point. An image online can’t image can’t always portray the quality, materials or craftsmanship. Jewellery is also such a tactile purchase. I love going into little boutiques and trying pieces on, seeing how they sit on me and with what I am wearing. But in today’s fast-paced society we often don’t find the time to go discovering and browsing for the perfect pieces. Plus many of the cool brands I was finding out about were too small to have their own bricks-and-mortar space yet.


The Concept

So I saw an opportunity to bridge the gap between 1) the openness of selling online - availability of exciting new designers at your fingertips, and 2) with the tactile experience of buying in person - being able to touch, feel and try on pieces. I created GLITZBOX as a platform to not only give emerging designers visibility, but also to allow customers to have access to their dream jewellery box. My idea was to make it an unlimited stock of beautiful pieces all accessible for a fraction of the retail price to borrow. Encouraging members to buy less, but buy better.


How it works

Subscribe: So for £39/month you subscribe to become a member. You then fill out a style quiz telling us what kind of jewellery you like, whether you wear gold or silver, have piercings, special events etc.

Discover & Wear: We then carefully curate a GLITZBOX, personalised for each member, containing three pieces of jewellery from different independent designers. Alternatively you can request pieces as seen on our Instagram or website. You get to wear these pieces for the whole month to your heart’s content!

Buy/Return: At the end of the month if there is anything you can’t bear to part with you can buy, it minus the £39 you’ve already paid for membership. The rest of the pieces you simply send back with our prepaid returns slips.


The work

To get started I contacted loads of designers trying to convince them that this was the future of retail! I was actually pleasantly surprised by the response. Although I didn’t even have a website up and running initially, most designers totally got the concept. I approached exciting, millennial-founders who understand the idea of the sharing economy. Brands like Airbnb, Uber and Spotify have pioneered that model meaning that we don’t have to own everything we want access too. Our generation are used to accessing products or services, for a limited amount of time, and for a fraction of the price. To me it makes so much sense that we only use something for as long as we need it rather than own it for the rest of our lives! I launched with 7 super talented brands and have been adding brands every month since. I now have a whole girl gang of like minded women and they are so supportive as the concept (slowly) grows.


I love discussing jewellery with members and taking requests for new designers. Saying that, it has not been plain sailing promoting a totally new concept (we are the first jewellery rental subscription in the UK) as it can take a lot of explaining. I’ve found hosting pop ups and collaborations has worked best. Showing people the jewellery in person to get them familiar with the brands and concept. What keeps me motivated is feeling like we are at the beginning of a revolutionary change in the way people consume fashion + jewellery. Fast-fashion and high street brands have made buying items and discarding them after one season the norm. However as people become more conscious of the environmental impact and waste I think it will become less cool to own lots of “stuff” and there will be more value on quality, timeless pieces. The great thing about GLITZBOX is you can try out all the latest trends only for as long as you want and then return them for someone else to use. You can also discover pieces you truly love and will last much longer than cheaper, mass-produced pieces.

I hope that gives you a little snippet of the GLITZBOX world and I’d love to hear any thoughts!

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