Ever feel like you have nothing to wear? Or continuously go back to the old favourites you know fit well and feel comfortable? Last week at Stylist Live we launched our limited edition Curated Boxes inspired by wardrobe classics! I picked out three of the clothing staples I can’t live without, that I keep going back to season after season, and paired them with amazing jewellery from our favourite emerging designers. I hope these boxes will inspire you to add a little glitz to update items you already own and give them new life. Also if you fall in love with any of the pieces below the good news is each box is available for a limited amount of time at £100 off. So great value even if you choose to regift one or two of the pieces!

The Little Black Dress Edit...

Think that classic dress you’ve had for years (doesn’t have to just be a black dress, shout out to the little red dress!) but still makes you feel amazing. We’ve selected three sparkly pieces that will give that favourite dress a contemporary update:

The   Little Black Dress   Edit...

First the Sterling Silver Bark Ring by Deborah Blyth Jewellery which is hand-cast from a real piece of bark! We love the textured organic feel of this piece and it’s chunky enough to be worn alone or stacked up with a few more delicate rings.

We then selected the simple and short Twin Necklace from Mei-Li Rose. It goes with literally everything and for this look adds the perfect amount of interest at the neckline.

Twin Necklace from     Mei-Li Rose   .

Twin Necklace from Mei-Li Rose.

Last, but certainly not least, we selected some show-stopping earrings from V Jewellery. The Whitney Droppers on Mini Hoops are one of our most popular pieces and offer two-in-one versatility, meaning you can remove the droppers. We love the that these can go from day to night - subtle sparkly hoops in the day and then pop on the emerald green droppers for an extra glitzy vibe and a flash of colour. The cubic zirconias in these babies are so carefully cut they often get mistaken for diamonds! For the extra bold try one dropper on, one off as an asymmetric look.

Next time you aren’t sure what to wear and think your LBD has seen too many nights out, consider giving it a sparkly update with some bold jewellery pieces. You can Buy the LBD box here for just £195 (£100 off) - while stocks last. And please do share your looks with #glitzlist and @glitzbox on Instagram so we can see them in action!

curated boxes2.jpg

Who doesn’t own a classic white tee?! This collection also looks fab with a classic white shirt or cozy white jumpers - so works for both summer and winter vibes. For this look we’ve gone for a modern twist on the classic gold hoop with the wavy Villa Hoops from Rosie Kent, these I can guarantee you will not ever want to take off.

To pair with the casual white-tee-and-jeans vibe we all know and love we also added two perfect gold layering necklaces. First there’s the Sharon Mills London Lone Star Diamond Necklace. The perfect affordable diamond chain to add to your collection. The single stone is hand set and has a vintage style cut, but a contemporary setting. Ideal for everyday + to layer up for this look.

The last piece in this box is the super tropical mini palm tree pendant from Tea + Tequila. The natural amethyst and quartz stones give it a really beachy vibe and bring a little piece of the Mexican sunshine to every outfit. We love the combination of the subtle diamond pendant with this much bolder piece. Sitting on a long chain means it doesn’t overwhelm the look but we loved it’s unique shape and hammered finish. So cute!


Find items in your own jewellery box that could be combined to create our gold hoops and layered necklace look and share them with us on Instagram, Or find out more and buy the full White Tee Box for just £225 (£100 off) while stocks last.

The Leather Jacket Collection…

Anyone else live in all black? Since I started Glitzbox I’ve become so obsessed with what jewellery can do to an outfit that I absolutely LOVE wearing all black and accessorizing with jewellery, shoes and bags! The amazing thing about black staples like a leather jacket, boots and black jeans is that they are timeless but also not so recognizable. It means you could wear the same pieces over and over and just accessorise them differently and no one would be the wiser. Cheaper and less of a headache in the mornings! For our Leather Jacket Collection we have gone with some edgy two-tone pieces that will draw in all the compliments...

curated boxes.jpg

First we have the 2-in-1 mixed metal fan huggies from Monarc Jewellery. These bad boys are AMAZING. Just like the V Jewellery hoops the charms are removable so you can take them off and just have a set of simple huggie hoops (we spent ages looking for simple hoops that were easy to put on and these are our faves). With the fan charm the mixed metals look super cool and add a little edge to an all black look.


Next we added the cool marion choker from V Jewellery. With a sparkly cubic zirconia and bold black agate giving a nod to the art deco area. We aren’t always fans of the choker revival but this simple piece is the perfect extra detail to any outfit.


The last item for this collection is the two tone Sequence Stripe Ring from Maya Magal. This piece is adjustable so means it can work on any finger, we personally love a chunky thumb ring at the moment. It’s interesting enough to be worn alone but also works well with more stacking rings (can you ever have enough rings..?)

So you may have guessed by now we are lovers of the capsule wardrobe over at Glitzbox. If any of you feel inspired to have a wardrobe cleanse I’d recommend organising all your clothes into different piles + hangers. Then every time you wear something move it into the worn pile or turn the hanger around to face the other way. At the end of the month see if there are any pieces you haven’t worn and make that hard decision on whether you actually wear that piece or just leave it in your wardrobe “in case”. Then CLEAR SOME SPACE. It will make it easier to find and keep organised the clothes you actually wear and then you can spend a bit of time finding some worthy accessories to match them up with. Try one of our boxes or sign up to Glitzbox to borrow three pieces each month and refresh without having to pay the full value. Buy less, but buy better!