Winter in London can often be dull and grey but it doesn’t mean our wardrobe has to be too. When it comes to my winter wardrobe I’ve tried to add some more colour but at the same time keep it practical and warm.

I used to pretty much just wear black in winter but those times are over now ;). About 2 years ago I started buying colourful wool and cashmere jumpers like this pink turtle neck which is actually for men. I found it @ Present which is one of my favourite men shops in Shoreditch, east London. (I’ve since bought three other colourful jumpers from their great selection.)

Of course you don’t want to go out looking like a lollipop, so I try to restrict it to one bold color and combine this with grey tones, textures or patterns. Then I finish it off with a trendy accessory like this black Corduroy fiddler cap. You can see the red version of this cool hat in my previous post here.

I really like the bold pattern on this (old) Zara skirt but its not garish because of the monochrome style and it works really well with a baggy bright jumper because its quite tight. Lastly, this long wool coat from Mango helps keep me warm despite wearing a skirt on a chilly winter day. 

So if its cold and dull outside get creative with your winter woolies and make a bold yet snuggly statement. xx Annabell


P.s. I know im wearing black here but it’s important to note that I offset it with the graphic patterned skirt and some statement earrings (with a royal blue detail) also it was a sunny day after all ;o) All pictures taken by London based photographer Alex,