So far we have written quite a lot about all the nice experiences we have had when working as models, and it's all true - we get to meet lots of lovely and interesting people, we get to travel to new and exiting places, and lets be honest - it's also a rather easy way to earn money (most of the time). But modeling isn't always as glamours as it may seem, and one of the down sides to it is the damage all the makeup and styling does to your skin and hair. Of course most of the artists we meet uses great products, and take amazing care of us. However sometimes you can get a bit unlucky... Zsanett for example recently experienced getting an allergic reaction all over her face after a shoot. The artist was only using good products, but there must have been something that her skin just reacted badly to. Luckily this has settled now, and her skin is back to normal :) And we have all at one point in our careers experienced catching eye infections, after a mascara has been used on several models during a shoot (yuk!!)

I (Sara) also had a not so fun experience recently on a job, when parts of my hair got burnt with a curling tong!! :/ When having my hair curled I noticed that smoke was coming from the tong, and got a bit worried (I should have said something then... silly me). Stupidly I though it was just the products that had been put in my hair that created the smoke, and didn't think more of it. I did the shoot and my freshly curled hair looked lovely, and nor me or the hairstylist realised what had happened. The next morning after washing out the products and the curls, I noticed that my hair seemed quite yellow, and after examining it closer I realised that I had orange patches all around my head. I know I sound like quite a diva (it's just hair after all), but I panicked! Yes it will grow out again, but the burnt patches is so high up on my head that it will take years for it to grow out again. The hair was dry and orange, and the biggest patch is on the very front left of my head. I felt horrid about mentioning anything to my agency, as both the client and the stylist was so nice and we got along so well! I know it was an unfortunate mistake, but I still dont think things like this should happen when working with professionals. This is the very first time I have ever experienced anything like this (luckily), so I was quite shocked. My hair had been highlighted about 8 months earlier, and it was mainly the bleached strays that had gotten discoloured.

Because of this accident, I've done everything I can do mend my hair to make it nice and healthy again. My hair is almost back to normal again, and if you scroll further down you can read about what products I'm using to mend the heat damage. It's also worth mentioning that my hair haven't just been fixed with the help of products, but I also got some great help by a lovely senior stylist at Stannard and Slingsby on Kensington Highstreet where I was sent by my modeling agency. Although they couldn't do much to my hair as it was to damaged to handle a lot more chemicals, the stylist added a tiny bit of bleach to my hair for only a few minutes watching it very closely. The bleache calmed down the orange colour a lot, and my colour was about 80% back to normal after my visit to the salon :) 


My hair the morning after the shoot

My hair the morning after the shoot

My bleached highlights didnt help the situation

My bleached highlights didnt help the situation

The products

So here are the products I have used over the last couple of weeks to strengthen my hair:

OLAPLEX No. 3: A few days after my hair got burnt, I met fellow model and blogger Tess Montgomery at the yearly christmas party hosted by our modeling agency. She told me about Olaplex, a product that actually rebuilds broken hair bonds. The product is a bit pricy, so I only bought some 15ml samples to try it out. It came in a set of 3 different parts, but I realised afterwards that I only needed the one called No.3. No.1 and No.2 is only ment to be used by hairdressers in the salon, and to be mixed inn with the bleach. I have used the Olaplex No.3 treatment 3 times now - and I truly do feel like it is helping my hair a lot!! I'm so thankful for this tip from Tess, and this is my number 1 recommendation if you have heat damaged hair. Read more about Olaplex here, and click here to check out Tess Montgomery's lovely blog.

SALON SCIENCE: I ended up buying 2 products from Salon Science's RETEXTULUXE range, the conditioner and the heath protector creme. The range is made using grape extract, and is said to repair and strengthen the hair. With all these different products I'm trying out at the moment, it's of course hard to point out exactly how much difference each product makes - but my hair always feels nice and soft, and looks very glossy, after using this conditioner. The heath protector is now something I always use when going on a photo shoot, and for those few times I'm styling my hair at home. Regardless of the brand, you should always use a protecting creme or spray before adding heath to your hair. I've been very bad at following this tip over the years, but will now alway make sure to protect my hair!! Read more about the RETEXTULUXE range here.

LEE STAFFORD HAIR GROWTH SPRAY: This is a new leave-inn treatment I'm trying out at the moment. As my burnt patches are so high up, I want to try and speed up my hair growth so that I can chop of these burt bits ASAP! I have only just started using this, and it will take some time before seing any noticeable chance in how fast my hair is growing. I therefor can't give any feedback just yet (other than that this product smells really nice :P). I will of course keep you updated on how I'm getting on with this in a few months time. Read more about the product here.

KMS CALIFORNIA MOIST REPAIR: This moisturising spray is a lot lighter then conditioning oils, and I sometimes spray my hair with this if it seems a bit dry and tangled but I still need my hair to look light and fresh (and not greasy). I have had this spray for a while actually, after being given it on a photo shoot a few years back. One thing Im trying to be better at is to use up the products I already have, before spending money on more stuff. So this is an old favourite of mine which I keep coming back to. When I dont mind my hair looking a bit greasy, I use oils instead of this spray which I usually keep inn over night. 


NISIM FAST SHAMPOO: This product claims to make hair grow faster, and I actually believe it works. I started using this shampoo and conditioner a few years back when I needed to grow out my fringe. I normally have quite slow growing hair, and it never grows past a certain lengt. I was always so annoyed about this as a young teenager, when having very long hair was the trend and I seemed to be surrounded by friends who all had super long and beautiful hair. Oh the problems you have to face as a teen huh? :P haha! Anyway, I tried this shampoo from NISIMI about 3 years ago, and my hair actually grew long for the first time ever! Not like down to my buttocks long, but much longer then my usual maximum length. I was amazed by the result, and my fringe grew out in no time :) I haven't had the need for fast growing hair since then, so I haven't continued to use it. Well, until now. I dont particularly fancy having very long hair atm, but I do want to grow out my remaining burn-patches. So I have just started to use this product again, and hoping it will work it's magic as it did 3 years ago. Lets see what happens :) Read more about the product here.

So this I have mentioned quite a few products here, but you obviously dont need all of them! If your hair has gotten damaged badly from heat like mine, then my main tip is trying out the OLAPLEX No.3, and to use products that gives your hair lots of moisture. I'm also actually trying to do as little with my hair as possible when I'm not working, I let it naturally dry and I never use any heated tongs on it. I also rarely use makeup when I'm not out for castings and working. This way I give my hair and skin a break whenever I can :)  


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