I have modelled for Headmaster regularly since about 2010. I actually think it may have been one of my first big jobs. When I first started modelling I did a hair catwalk for a big hair brand but was left with hair that only really worked for the catwalk. This is why I was so excited when I first booked a job for Headmasters because they work their hair magic in a natural way.

Headmasters have worked on my hair for so many years now and I find it hard to trust anyone else with my hair. They have always used a balayage technique on my hair to give me a very natural highlight on my light brown hair. This balayage technique is great because you can wait a really long time between hair appointments because you don’t really see any re-growth.


I interviewed Sian Quinn from Headmasters recently asking her lots of hair questions that you would love to know the answers to and find out which hair products a top hair stylist recommends, such as Kerastase and Pureology.

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