We have arrived at yet another 'last day of the month', which sadly means that today is Megan's last day as our guest blogger here on www.the4ofus.co.uk. We hope you have enjoyed her posts as much as we have! One of the really nice things about this months collaboration is, the fact that we have had the chance to spend a lot of time together - all 4 of us! We have gone to several exciting events together, and even managed to do a joint photoshoot. We posted the final results from this shoot earlier in March, and today (in this blog post) we have shared a little behind the scenes/fashion film created by Andre Brenni . Scroll down, and you will find the video :)

To end of this post, and a very amazing month together with Megan, we decided to ask her some questions about modeling, blogging and of course her thoughts around the upcoming final of the UK Blog Awards 2017, where Megan is a finalist. You will find our Q&A with Megan at the very bottom of this post.

So now all thats left is to say a massive thank you to Megan for wanting to join us, and wish her good luck with The Blog Awards :)  And of course, if you haven't already checked out Megan's stunning blog, then now is the time :P Megan's blog: megantaylor.london



Video: Created by Andre Brenni. Hair & Makeup by Emilie M.A.H.

If you missed out our previous post where we posted the final shots from this colourful photo shoot, then you can read it here:



How did you get into Modeling and blogging?

I got scouted in Pineapple Dance Studios when I was about 15 but was more interested in dancing back then so ignored it. A few years later I was at Pineapple again for class and was pulled into a casting for Getty Images, booked the job and then a couple of weeks later booked a Headmasters campaign through a friend. When I got my photos back I took them in to MOT who took me on :)


What do you like about the model industry? And is there anything in particular that you don't like? 

I love how we have the chance to work on such incredible jobs, and meet such interesting people. There is no chance of getting bored. The only thing I don't like about the industry is the uncertainty...I am an organisation freak and love to schedule everything, but there's no possibility of doing that as a model. You just have to go with the flow and drop everything if that BIG job comes in.


What was your favourite job that you have done so far?

I filmed a TVC for NowTV last year which was so much fun. In the commercial I play the lead saxophonist in the band with crazy hair and a crazy costume. We had a couple of rehearsals in a wonderful studio where musical superstars rehearse. The filming lasted a few days and the set was incredible and so dramatic.


In which TVC's can we see you? 

Lots and lots...  Most recently though, Now TV, Virgin Atlantic, Lenovo, Marks & Spencer, Casio...


Any interesting upcoming jobs?

I have just been booked for 10 days, filming something very exciting in Tenerife. I have signed an NDA, so I actually can't say anymore sorry hehe.


When did you start blogging? Have you got any tips for newcomers?

I started blogging in August 2015 as a creative hobby to play around with when I wasn't modelling or acting. It has quickly become another part of my career, leading to other writing opportunities as well.

Tips for new bloggers would be to invest in a professional blog layout, Pipdig do fab ones. Also, make sure you pay for your domain name, it's not a lot of money but immediately looks a lot more professional than .wordpress or .blogger. Most of all, enjoy it, its a fun process that can lead to incredible opportunities.


You are one of the 8 'Fashion & Beauty' finalists in this years UK blog awards - tell us a bit about why you decided to enter, and how are you finding it so far?

I received an email last year saying I had been nominated. I am not sure who nominated me, but thank you to whoever you are. The blog awards are a very long process, but really worth entering. After being nominated you go through to the public voting round, then if you are a finalist you spend the whole of February being watched and judged by industry professionals. It is an incredibly tough and rigorous process. The awards are at the end of April but there is nothing more I can do now other than keeping my fingers tightly crossed. Just being a finalist has been incredible, though as I have had so many more opportunities handed to me in the process as a result.

Megan Taylor