It's the 1st of April, and it means we are introducing our next guest blogger, hair stylist, Pete Burkill

Well, actually, he is also the salon director at HOB Salons in Camden, as well as being part of the HOB Creative & Education Team. Pete develops and teaches HOB’s young talent through the HOB Apprentice training programme, as well as taking part in photo shoots, seminars and shows for the hair and fashion world. Not too shabby hey, this boy is going places! ;)

But when I (Zsanett), and my boyfriend at the time, started going to the HOB Salon in Camden about 4 years ago, Pete was still a hair stylist there. We booked an appointment with him just by coincidence, as Pete happened to be available in our time of need. Standard, isn't it. Well, all these years later, we both still go and get our hair done by Pete, we both love him so much, because he is just the most genuine, lovely guy you'll ever meet..

I came across HOB Salons through castings. They have a lot going on there and are very successful, so naturally they have loads of castings going on for up coming projects. So one day Chris (my ex) went to get his haircut done by one of the barber shops in Sydenham where we used to live... Can I just point out that as we didn't know any better, and were still very new to London. Anyway, Chris came back from the barber shop looking like a posh 80 year old man. I said yup, you are going to have to get this fixed, and suggested he'd try this cool looking salon where I always had castings at, called HOB... And the rest is history. 

So since we haven't had a hair stylist as a guest blogger yet, I thought Pete would be an amazing edition to the blog! Stay tuned, we have very cool posts coming up! :)





Making the move to London and joining HOB , from Yorkshire via New Zealand where he succeeded in the Wella Trend Vision and won Gold in the New Zealand Final. His passion for the fashion industry has seen him assist in Fashion weeks all over the world. 

When he is not teaching, Pete is responsible for creating long hair looks for the brand, and presenting his looks across the industry at events and seminars.

Starting his HOB career in the Flagship salon, in Camden, he caught the eye of Creative Director Akin Konizi when he entered the Internal HOB Photographic Competition for his precision entry. It was from there he has been nurtured and mentored to gain his Educator and Creative team status.

In 2015, Pete was part of the prestigious F.A.M.E Team, which gave him the opportunity to improve his platform work as well as be given an annual mentor programme by some of the industry’s most esteemed leaders, including his own Creative Director! Pete has been working a huge amount with Wella in most recent years, being requested for shows, such as the 2016 Regional Trend Vision Tour as part of the Wella Professional Fusion Team and shoots, such as Marie Claire for the Bruno Banani campaign.


Click HERE to see Pete's instagram: @peterburkill

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