LAVAZZA coffee

LAVAZZA coffee

The other day the lovely photographer Elizabeth Hoff uploaded a photo of me from our recent shoot on Instagram. I believe we shot last Autumn as the weather that day was horrible. I remember meeting the Photographer and her german assistant at her studio so we could all drive together from London to the location at Ascot racecourse.

A few months earlier I was shooting a lovely new Royal Ascot Millinery collection and the client for that booked me on this ‘racing themed’ editorial for Hello Magazine.

We had the racecourse to ourselves, which was pretty cool, however, It was a bit of a shame that the weather was bad as we had lots of stuff to shoot. We couldn't shoot very much inside as the story was all about fashion to wear at Ascot Race Course. Luckily every now and then we had a short window when the rain stopped and the whole team ran out to get everything set up just in time to shoot.

In the pictures you’ll see that the grass is very green and the sky just very white and bright, I guess the photographer or whoever who had to edit the shots, had to literally edit the s*** out of it to make the images usable ;) I actually really like the light and the somewhat overcast look. 

A TROPICAL DREAM OF D&G from head to toe

D&G Dress, Shoes and Handbag 

D&G Dress, Shoes and Handbag 

As you would expect with Racing fashion, we shot lots of amazing clothes from designers and of course the famous big hats. To be honest I was freezing a lot at this shoot as it wasn`t only raining it was also very windy and cold. When the whole team stands around you in gum boots and big coats and you’re just wearing some heels and a dress, it’s easy to sometimes get frustrated to not be the one who is behind the camera. Instead, you are actually the one that has to look warm, happy and sophisticated for each shot but who’s really freezing, soaked in rain. 

As I have been modelling for over 21 years, I’ve often been in situations like that and have learnt to deal with it as part of the job. Seeing the finished pictures certainly makes the cold more bearable ;) After every shoot in the cold I come home and jump into a hot bath and drink lots of warm tea :) So here are all the images from Ascot, two of which made it into my book. Happy days! 





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