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Read Megans blog here.

Most of us experience watery eyes from time to time, whether that is from the rain, cryingswimming, working out or the insane amounts of wind from Storm Doris that we have been experiencing in the UK. Unfortunately for us mascara wearers that often leads to “Panda Eyes” because of the copious amounts we all like to use. I personally think that I look a bit sleepy if I haven’t used mascara and would rather not go without.

Megans two favourite waterproof mascaras

Megans two favourite waterproof mascaras

Last year I was asked by the Daily Mail Online to test ten waterproof mascaras. These mascaras ranged from £1.99 to £45. They were all completely different from each other. Some of them were cheap ones that you can pick up in Boots to some expensive ones from SpaceNK and Harrods. Before testing out all of these mascaras out I had assumed that the expensive ones would be the best at their job but I was wrong. Have a read of my article in the Daily Mail Online or watch my YouTube video to find out how each one fared.

Since writing this article last May I have settled on my two most favourite waterproof mascaras, one from the article and another which I discovered quite recently.

Eyeko Sport:

I wear this mascara from Eyeko every time that I work out. I love the brush because it is curved and has really long bristles that pick up all of your lashes. The mascara hasn’t let me down yet and am yet to experience panda eyes during my workouts. 

Bobbi Brown:

I tested this mascara for the Daily Mail and it was one of the mascaras that came out on top. I have been wearing it ever since and am on my second tube. I adore this mascara as it lasts all day and all night. The bristles on the brush and long and catch all of your lashes. I find that it gives you a beautiful, natural butterfly look to your lashes.

Have you tried any of these mascaras or do you have any that you can recommend I try next?



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