So for the last 3 weeks we have all been trying out hair products from System Professional. Everyones hair is unique, and no one has exactly the same type of hair. System Professional has therefor made a special system that can work out each costumers individual ENERGYCODE, and will tell you which specific products your hair needs. We all answered some questions about our hair type, texture, condition etc, and got our own unique Energy Codes at the HOB Salon in Camden.

Although we all have fairly similar hair types, we all ended up for a different combination of recommended products. Although it's only been just under the month since we started using these products, we thought we would give you a little insight on how each of us are finding them so far :)


Hob Salon is offering an ENERGY BLOW DRY for £25, which is a brand new thing they do this year. During the appointment a hairstylist will work out your unique Energycode, and use a suitable treatment from the program on your hair, as well as giving you a fab blow dry. 


Hydrate  Conditioner,  Balance  Shampoo,  Reconstructive   Elixir  Oil,  Volumize Aerolift  Mousse

Hydrate Conditioner, Balance Shampoo, Reconstructive Elixir Oil, Volumize Aerolift Mousse

Zsanett's review:

I have only been using the products I got for about 2 weeks now, which is not much, but I can already tell my hair has been a little different! As I've always been one to go for whatever shampoo was available, thinking my hair is so oily, after all these years of trying, I just gave up trying to find the right product really..

The Balance Shampoo is good in a way that I don't need to use much, it smells amazing, and my hair feels lovely for a tiny bit longer than any other times.. Time will tell the real deal tho', hope with time it will get even better, can't really expect magic from a shampoo after two weeks, right? :)

The conditioner feels and smells amazing, it really does the job conditioners should do, but then again, with time I'll be able to tell you more about the real effects of this product..

The elixir oil and the Volumizing Mousse on the other hand.. My Goodness.. The oil doesn't only smell amazing, it makes brushing my hair super easy, and the mousse left my hair with volume even at the end of a haaaaaard and long day, which is nearly impossible considering my hair is a 'Volume nightmare' . No joke. I think this must be the one thing I absolutely can't stand, if my hair is flat, as it's already so so thin. If it's flat, I look so silly, I can't even deal with it being down, which is why most of the times you'll catch me with my hair up (obvs haven't found the perfect product until now maybe? :) )

.. .Oh well, we all have our little things we don't like about ourselves, don't we.. ;)

However, if you have 'flat hair' problems, search no more, go Volumize Aerolift Mousse! You're welcome ;)




Purify  Shampoo,  Reconstructive   Elixir  Oil,  Hydrate  Conditioner,  Repair Perfect Hair  Foam

Purify Shampoo, Reconstructive Elixir Oil, Hydrate Conditioner, Repair Perfect Hair Foam

Saras review:

Most people wash their hair way to often, which is not great for the hair. I am no different, and I wash my hair at least every other day. After years of over-washing my hair, it now gets greasy already the day after I washed it. Sounds familiar? If I dont have castings or a photo shoot, I sometimes try to wait a 3rd day before washing it. My hair is super greasy on day 3 though, and I have to keep it in a ponytail or bun all day. Therefor the energycode system worked out that I need a shampoo that is good for oily scalps. So to prevent my hair from getting greasy so quickly, I was given a purifying shampoo. I can honestly already feel a difference, and I love it! You also need to use very little shampoo each time, as it lathers very well. The only slightly negative thing with this shampoo though, is that its cleaning my hair so well that it almost gets a bit 'squeaky clean', which really tangles the hair a lot. This means the job of applying the conditioner gets a bit difficult, and I'm having to be quite patient to get all of the knots out. However with a tangle teaser or a wet-brush this isn't too much of a problem. I'm still loving the shampoo! 

My hair already feels a lot healthier which is great, but I think my absolute favourite thing about these products is how amazing they all smell. The conditioner and the hair oil (which I apply to towel dried ends) smells soooo good, and the nice smell lasts for days. I'm actually sitting here now writing this review and I can really smell the lovely sent from the hair oils, even though I haven't applied it since yesterday morning. My boyfriend has actually already commented on how nice my hair smells a few times over the last few weeks, which is never a bad thing :) 

I'm very bad at styling my hair. I tend to air dry it and just drag a brush through it once its dry. Very boring I know - I'm trying to get better at making an effort with styling my hair. That means though that I haven't had a chance to try my 4th product too many times, as this is a styling foam meant to give the hair more volume. Therefor it gets a bit difficult to review it. But if the other 3 products are anything to go by, I'm pretty sure the styling product is going to be great too! I'm very much looking forward to start using it. The repair foam is also meant to strengthen the hair, and protect it from heat - so I really should start using it properly ASAP, and I will :) From today, it's going into my hair every time after I've washed it :) 



Keratin Protect  Shampoo,  Balance Energy  Serum,  Keratin  Conditioning Cream,  Hydrate  Mask

Keratin Protect Shampoo, Balance Energy Serum, Keratin Conditioning Cream, Hydrate Mask

Annabell's review:

Keratin Protect Shampoo, I have never tried this brand before and was really keen to see the results after Pete suggested matching my hair type using the Energy Code system. This Keratin Protect Shampoo helps to clean your scalp as well as your hair, which is perfect for me as I tend to have slightly greasy hair after one day. Just like Sara, I try to wash my hair every second day but on the 2nd often end up wearing my hair ‘up’ or having to use dry shampoo on the temple areas. This shampoo immediately helped clean my oily scalp really well and so by day two, I could tell my hair was less greasy than usual. I would certainly recommend trying this shampoo if you have a similar hair type to me or don’t like washing your hair every single day. 

Next up is Keratin Conditioning Cream which is partnered with the shampoo. I always need to use conditioner in my hair after shampooing otherwise my hair gets totally knotted and ends up like a soggy beehive!  When I opened the bottle I immediately loved the subtle fragrance and noticed how smooth my hair felt after I rinsed it off. A combination of luxury oils help soften and protect the hair from styling stress - very handy when your modelling! 

Balance Energy Serum. I have quite thin hair and to me it seems like its always falling out (I know my boyfriend is constantly finding hair everywhere!) so this product is something I’m very interested in. It’s too early to write about results but I have started using it 3-4 times a week, I'll post an update in a month with some feedback. I have noticed that if I use too much then I can feel a slight cooling sensation on my scalp. 

The Hydrate Mask is fantastic. As I mentioned, my hair knots really easily but this mask stops that happening really well. I use it once a week and so far I have only left it in for 10 minutes. Pete suggested its best to leave masks in your hair for at least an hour, which I'll try when I get back from my holiday as my hair will be lighter from the sun and dry from the sea. 

I'm looking forward to continuing to use the System Professional products and I’m glad I’ve finally been matched with products that do what they say on the tin :o)

In Collaboration with System Professionals and HOB Salons



This is also the very last day of April which means we will be saying goodbye to this month guest blogger, hairstylist and creative director, Pete Burkill. We will however share some new material from a shoot we recently did, and where Pete styled our hair. So it's not really a proper goodbye :) 

We have learnt a lot about hair, and hair-trends over the last four weeks with Pete and HOB ACADEMY Camden, and it's been amazing having him and the HOB team on board :) So thank you Pete for being such a fab 4th member to our blog xxx