Since we are focusing on Healthy Living in the month of May with our guest blogger, Liam Grimley from Elevatesport, we thought we would collect some of our favourite pieces of workout wear on the market at the moment! Summer is approaching, and we are loving all these colours you can find in the stores right now, and as much as we knoooooow the colour combo of your outfit shouldn't matter for a workout, it just makes you feel so much nicer ( maybe even more motivated? hmm) if you have a good looking outfit on.. Or are we the only ones?! :) Doubt it.. ;) 

So we went on ShopStyleCollective to find you all things pretty to get sweaty in, hope you'll enjoy and find something you like too! :)

Stay tuned for very cool posts to come from Liam, all of us girls will be doing a "collab" workout shoot this coming Friday with Liam and his lovely wife, our past guest blogger, Megan Taylor, so wish us luck, we can already feel a theme for Sunday coming up.. Sore Muscle Sunday.. ;)




We think finding the perfect sports bra is very very important, it just makes all the difference if you find a piece that doesn't only give you support, but also isn't suffocating you while you are already busy trying not to die while trying to achieve that fit bod.. and if you find one that looks pretty as well, is just a bonus isn't it ;)


As long as tops go, I (Zsanett) - depending on what workout I'm doing at the moment, really like to wear the so called "Breathe" fabric, as it helps me keep dry and cool if I'm out on a run for example, but much prefer cotton tank tops for a Yoga session, something tight, so you don't end up with a lose shirt in your face while "downward dogging".. Ha! But that's just me, we all have our go to gears, here you'll find loads to accommodate all needs! 


The right jacket.. tricky.. Here you'll find some pretty ones to go to the Gym in, because yeah, you kinda wanna look fab arriving for a sweat sesh, but on the other hand, if you're living in London, like we do, you'll need something to keep you dry in rain (because you are hardcore and a little rain won't stop you, right? :) ), as well as help your skin breath.. In our selection, you'll find pieces to match all your sporty needs! 


Same with the rest of the workout gear, you'll want to find something to fit to the workout you're doing, something that let's you move comfortably, keep you warm in cold weather, or help your skin breathe in warm..We got you ;)


Trainers.. Now to me (Zsanett), it's a tricky one. Most of the ones that are good for my week knees and ankles, and gives me support are not the ones I'd pick look wise. I know I know, that should be the last thing that matters. Well, I'm one of those ones.. I wanna feel like I look fab when I'm training! :D To be honest, most proper running shoes are not the most appealing to me, I much prefer the look of cute trainers, but health first, so I tried my best collecting some Running Shoes that are good looking, but also will give you support, according to pros! You'll also find in this selection shoes for different active scenarios as well of course! :)

Happy shopping Gals ;)