No you are not seeing double (triple...), there are just a lot quite of quite similar photos of me in 'pretty dresses' - apologies if it's making you a bit dizzy :P hehe.

So for the last 3 years or so, I have been working regularly for a British clothing brand called 'The Pretty Dress Company'. Every now and then we do a shoot together for their website, and my job is literally being the mannequin showing of the items. This is what we call an 'ecom job', which we have been writing about a couple of times before - but to recap, an ecom job is where you shoot lots and lots of different outfits usually in front  of a white background like this. The shots can either be 'recognisable', or 'unrecognisable' where you cant see the models face. You usually shoot the item from the front, side and back to show of every angle of the outfit. So when a customer goes on to a website to buy new clothes, they can get a good idea of how the items looks. Usually when I work for The Pretty Dress Company, we photograph about 60 - 65 dresses per day. That is a lot of items - but with a professional team, you actually manage to get through it in an 8 hour work day. Not to complain or anything, but the main thing I'm struggling with on these kind of shoots is having to stand in high heels all day. By the last 20 dresses it feels like all my toes are completely broken :P Other than that, Im having a great time getting to spend the day in lovely dresses like these :) 


lookbook for ekaterina kukhareva feat annabell

Annabell and sara for everything £5

The Pretty Dress Company produce their dresses in The UK which is pretty unique now a days. Even the fabrics are produced here. You can really tell it's great quality, and most of the dresses are made in a stretchy thick fabric which gives each item a very nice and supported fit.

I bought a dress from them a little while ago as my 'wedding guest dress' and I've gotten a lot of usage out of it :)

The photos are taken by John Gough, Hair and Makeup was done by Irena Rogers, and we always do these shoots at Nice Images Studio. 

The lovely thing about this job is that the team is the same every time. It's quite unusual to meet the same people at work when you work as a freelance model (all though it's happening more and more now after having been in the industry for a while), so it's always nice to see a familiar face at work. That said though, I haven't worked for The Pretty Dress Company for a while now - it's been at least a year or two since I was last in with them. But I used to work with them a lot, so it was a nice surprise to see that the team hadn't changed since last time :) 

something a bit more summery

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