In todays post, we are looking at different ways to style the same "Vintage Inspired" shirt. We got to pick out an item each from the British online store Lesca Boutique, and all ended up choosing the shame shirt - but in different colours. Sara went for the pale pink, Annabell the black version, and Zsanett wanted the white one :) 

We though it was an interesting idea to see how each of us would style the same top, and decided that we should all show up wearing it - without really planning beforehand how each of us was going to wear it. Funnily enough, we all met up in completely different outfits, despite the fact that we all had on the very same shirt. That just shows you how versatile a pretty, yet minimalistic shirt like this can be.  

So scroll down, and find out how we all chose to style our shirts. How would you style it? Same as one of us, or would you go for something completely different? :) 

You can shop the shirt here!


I (Sara) have chosen to style my pale pink shirt, with a pair of high waisted girlfriend jeans. The shirt looks great tucked in to the jeans, and can be paired with anything from sneakers to a nice pair of heels. I ended up using some white slipper sandals for this outfit, which I think went nicely together with the more casual look that I was going for.

The sandals are from ASOS's in house brand, and they have only just arrived in the post - so this was the first day I was wearing them. I think they look great, and they only cost £10, I was so pleased!! Sadly I should have known that this deal was to good to be true. After walking in these slippers for about 5 minutes (and I'm not exaggerating), the white edge on the plastic strap had sliced open my skin on several toes. They are the worst shoes I have ever used, and I now have some very painful and disgusting flesh wounds on several of my toes.

So I guess it's worth investing in proper shoes - as for £10 you will usually just get something crap! I've therefor decided to add a different, yet similar pair of sandals to our online shop, as I would not recommend buying the ones Im wearing here :p 

Other accessories I've used for this look are a pair of sunnies from Converse, they are actually in their male collection and my boyfriend had bought them online for himself. They didn't look quite right on him, so he got me to try them - and I loved them. So it's good to know that it's very much possible to also have a look around in the mens section when shopping for sun glasses :) The only jewellery I'm wearing is a simple silver bracelet from MEI-LI ROSE. I love this bracelet, it's minimalistic - yet quite unique being square shaped. I got this bracelet in a jewellery box from this new company called Glitz Box. Glitz box is a clever new service where you can subscribe to a monthly box of jewellery - we will write more about this very soon, so make sure to watch this space :)  



I`m a big fan of comfy vintage Levi's shorts, so I thought I`ll combine this lovely 'vintage inspired' black blouse by Lesca with some denims of mine. I just love how easily the blouse can be dressed down, as Sara did with some high waist girlfriend jeans. :) However I dressed up the blouse with my flowery block heels from Topshop, which I actually had for a while and find them very comfortable to wear. Find similar embroidered tie heels here and here.

Normally you`ll find me wearing sneakers or some espadrilles in Summer, but for this look I wanted something else and think this can be a sexy day look alternative. I recently went on holiday in Bali, where I found some lovely basket bags, like this one in the picture. This is my new 'must have' item for Summer 17 as well as my new Moscot Miltzen Sunnies.



For my look, I went for a frilly skirt, with my shirt tied up, messy bun and comfy leather slippers. I like that the ruffles make it so lovely and romantic, I tried it with the shirt tucked in as well, but I thought it looked better tied up in a bow. I also rolled the sleeves up and put a statement earring with a gold bracelet on to give it a bit of a casual, "about the stroll down on the streets of Cuba" feel. :)

My "Ruffled Wrap Skirt" is from Zara, click HERE to see the product, and HERE to see my Gold Plated Cuff from Tea & Tequila! I got the shoes when I was in Italy a couple of weeks ago from a brand called "Bata", I've looked online to find the pair, but I sadly had no luck, same with my earring from H&M

However I've added some other cool options in the the list below to create the same look, hope you'll find something you like! :) 


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