As it's the last day of the month, we are sadly saying goodbye to Liam!

We were delighted to have him, we've learned a lot about healthy eating, and during our workout session, a whole lot more about the importance of keeping the right posture while doing certain moves! It was very interesting to have someone monitor us working out, making sure we were doing everything the right way, we could definitely get used to it! :)

Also, we would like to say special thanks to both him and Megan- Liam's lovely wife, fellow blogger and our past guest blogger-  for being such organised guests on our blog, it was a pleasure and such an ease knowing they are prepared so far ahead, it lifted a lot of worries and stress off our shoulders! THANK YOU! :))

Don't forget to keep checking both Liam and Megan's blog for exciting new posts, you can find Liam's website HERE and Megan's HERE!

As per usual, we've prepared a Q&A to learn even more about Liam, have a read! :)




How did you find out what you wanted to study? 

I grew up playing every sport I could get my hands on, being a good all rounder and a pretty decent runner. I went through a patch where I kept injuring my knee quite severely. I would recover and get back to fitness and it would happen again. After ten knee cap dislocations and no one telling me what was going wrong I was passionately driven to study the human body. I Did an amazing combined degree in Sport Rehabilitation with Sport Science.


How did you get into the job?

When I graduated, there was no job waiting for me as a Sport Rehabilitation and Sport Scientist, so I had to make things happen for myself. I worked with a Sports Physic at a good local rugby club where I gained experience very quickly. I later took over to become their head Rehab Therapist. At the same time I began working in gyms, using my excellent Sport Science training to pass various Personal Training exams and qualify in such things as Spinning instructor. During this time I built my reputation in fitness and rehab and my client base began to grow.


How did you get into Blogging?

My wife Megan ( is my biggest influence and she is an amazing blogger. She told me to put my passion into blogging so that more people could find and benefit from my ideas and unique approach to health and fitness.


What's your favourite sport?

Wow, that a bit like asking, “what’s your favourite song?” I can ’t pick just one, so my ideal day of sport would involve, getting up and running to the beach, a sea swim then a mountain bike ride to somewhere I can rock climb. The ride or run home would top it all off. How’s that?


Where do you see yourself in the future?

I aim to be a renowned health and fitness influencer with my own premises full of happy healthy people who come from all over to be inspired by my brand of health, food and fitness.


Where do you find your motivation?

My motivation comes from my desire to learn, from my wonderful clients who challenge me with questions every day and I want to create something that my future children will be proud of.


And how do you motivate your clients?

That’s a great idea for a blog post! People are motivated differently. Some need a firm hand and to be pushed, most people just need you to give them confidence in themselves and the plan that you have for them. This brings results and the results make people say, “this is great, let’s keep going.” Occasionally I need to reel them in though, most people are actually really keen and they need you to look out for them so they don’t push to hard for too long and end up injured or burned out.


How do you keep a healthy diet?

I have always loved food and I was lucky to grow up on home cooked food and I enjoy cooking which helps. I have spent years learning about diets and food and how the body works and I have now come up with what I think is the healthiest diet. Diet just means “what you eat,”  and it should make you feel good, give you energy, put you in a good mood and keep your brain on top form. Eating well is easy for me because my diet is delicious, but because it makes me feel great and allows me to do my sports and enjoy my work, there really is no reason to eat any other way.


You have written the book 'EAT & MOVE’, what made you decide to write it?

Honestly, I saw the same old books being copied, rebranded and shoved back on the market and none, I mean NONE of them inspired me. I can see a fad a mile off and that is not how I work. Fads do not last and neither do the results. I mention this in the book. I wanted to create a plan that inspired people to eat better by telling them the truth about food and giving them the confidence to make simple meals that taste great and do nothing but good. I wanted to couple this with an honest and achievable exercise plan that they could start immediately and that would become part of their lifestyle for a life of health and fitness. 


What's it like to be a "Instagram Husband" ? 

Ha, ha! It was odd at first, but now I am just as camera happy. It takes a bit longer to eat a meal or to get to places, but it’s great fun. I have a fantastic Insta-Wife so we are perfect for each other.


Best running shoe?

Well, I spent a year transitioning to minimalist shoes and I don’t go anywhere without a pair of Vivobarefoot trail shoes. They stopped making the Breatho Trail and I regret not buying twenty pairs, but their shoes are fantastic up the mountain or in the city. If you’ve never tried them before, take it easy.


Best music to do work out to? 

If it’s a tough row or I’m running intervals then Paul Oakenfold - Ready Steady Go! it’s pure energy. Otherwise it’s a podcast for weight training or nothing at all when I’m out for a run.


Any other special - hidden skill or fact we need to know? 

I love languages and meeting people from far away places. I speak reasonable Italian and a smattering of about six other languages. I’m looking forward to hanging out with you guys to expand my vocabulary.


Liam S. Grimley BSc. (Hons) GSR
Rehabilitator & Trainer