In today's post we are reviewing a very exciting new shampoo called 'NEW WASH', from the Founder of the famous hair care brand, Bumble & Bumble

After selling his company to  Estée Lauder in 2000, Michael Gordon decided to take some time off. In 2013 he launched Purely Perfect, that has later been rebranded to New Wash in 2015. The New Wash products contains no sodium lauryl sulfate, a detergent used by mostly every company you'll find out there. The sulfate irritates the scalp and dries out the hair, which leads us to use loads of extra hair products in hope of repairing the damages. 

This shampoo is promised to be gentle on your hair, using only ingredients that are good for both your hair and scalp, such as aloe vera and essential oils. So no detergents at all, which means the shampoo will not foam. It also promises that your hair will get more volume, that it will not need any conditioner or masks, and that you can go for longer periods between washes! 

So once we got this product sent to us, we were naturally excited to try it out for a few weeks and see how things progressed. We do get a lot of different products sent to us, so while Annabell and Sara was testing other hair care products, I (Zsanett) decided to go give New Hair a try. I waited for about 3-4 weeks before writing this review, to give it enough time for all the promised changes to start showing.. or not, you never know.. ;)

So if you'd like to see my honest review, scroll down for the video! :)


I know, how crazy is it in this day and age to only have THREE hair styling products! Most companies will normally offer about 20-30 different products, or maybe even more...? God knows. But Michael and his team believes in a minimalistic style, and that with a great shampoo you won't need any other products. However, they do have two more - one to help with heat protection when air drying, and a second one for adding texture. 


DRESSED UP: A styling lotion which will give you a lot of body and will make styling your hair easy, it will also give you texture!

HAIR BALM: It promises to help bringing out the hair's natural texture, so if you have dry hair, it will moisturise, if you have curly hair, it will make it look beautiful and so on. Also helps with frizz and heat protection!

UNDRESSED: It's their version of "Surf Spray' but without the sticky texture. It will keep your hair soft and lush. 


THE SUBSCRIPTION OPTION: With this option, you'll never run out of your shampoo, as you'll receive it automatically. You choose the frequency and can cancel any time you want. You'll not only be saving on the price, as well as receive a refillable aluminium container! Less waste, less money! Sounds good to us! :)


We love the idea of all the "HAIR STORIES" you can read on their website, so many people with all kinds of background and hair type sharing their experiences of using New Wash! Click HERE to check it out!

These products are actually not available in UK shops yet, so we got a shampoo each sent to us from New York as a collaboration with Activate Bloglovin. Hair Story does however ship orders to The UK, as well as to The US and Canada. So as long as you are in one of these places, you can get your hands on the NEW WASH products right now :) 



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