Last week I tried out the 1 day COLORISTA spray from L'Oréal Paris, and I thought I'd share my thought on this product. I chose the lavender shade, and decided to create an ombré using the spray only on the ends of my hair. I wanted to review this spray, to test the quality, how the colour would come out, if it actually only lasted for 1 day, and if the colour would stain my white top. I would like to point out that I bought this product, and that we are not being paid to do this review - so it's 100% honest and true. 

You can see the full video review further down in the post! :) 


  • Quality: I found that it was a bit difficult to apply the product evenly, and ended up with a slightly patchy colour. It said on the bottle to spray from 15cm away from the hair, although I needed to go a lot closer for the colour tho actually come out. This meant that I didn't get to cover a very large aria when spraying, and ended up running out of spray before completing my ombré. I did however almost finish, yet I'm not impressed with how quickly the bottle was emptied. I also don't have very thick hair, so I can only imagine how annoying this would be for someone with long thick hair
  • Colour: I liked the colour, but it turned out a lot cooler compared to what was shown on the bottle. This might be because of my light blonde hair, which has a very cool tone to it already
  • How long the colour stayed in my hair: For this part, the product definitely did what it said on the bottle! I went to bed without washing my hair, and the colour was more or less gone by the time I got up the next morning (without having a shower). I could still se very faded shades of lavender in my hair, but after washing it - all of the colour was completely gone. So if you do only want a colour to last for 1 day, this product will do exactly that! 
  • Staining: Another great thing about this product is that the colour did not stain the white top I was wearing. I was using a towel over my top when spraying, but removed this less than 5 minutes after finishing. I could not see a single sign of lavender on my very white top. This is the first time I have tried out a washout colour that hasn't made marks on my clothes - so this is a big plus with COLORISTA's new 1 day spray. 

Conclusion: I think that this product was ok. I guess you cant expect amazing results from a colour that will only last for 1 day, and with that in mind this product was totally alright - but nothing amazing. I wish the colour was a bit stronger, and more evenly applied. It would also be great if the bottle contained a bit more product, and didn't run out so quickly. I won't be rushing to try out another colour from this range, but with that said I might end up using it again if the right opportunity comes along  - who knows! :P 



A few months ago when the COLORISTA products where brand new.

 Zsanett did a review on one of their slightly more permanent colours that should last for about 3 washes. Se went for the peach colour, and was very pleased with the result. We would therefor recommend this product over the 1 day spray, unless you desperately need to get rid of the colour within a day.


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