Living with a make up addict has it's perks.. Like finding out about all the products the biggest beauty bloggers approve of. I (Zsanett) live with my cousin, Greta, whom we have already worked with on a couple of projects for the blog. Greta is a very talented make up artist in training, so it's great that we can team up with her every now and then. One thing that my cousin is also really into is watching videos and reviews from dozens of beauty bloggers, so that she knows exactly what to get for her make up bag when wanting a collection of the most loved products. What's great is that most of the stuff they recommend are really reasonably priced! 

So Greta decided to help me collect some of the best highlighters on the market, seeing that Summer is sadly nearly over - and why wouldn't we want to keep that glow going for as long as we can.. ;)



L.A Girl Strobe Lite Strobing Powder-80 Watt

This is the highlighter I personally use (to Greta's recommendation of course!). I really like that it's not too strong, and I can easily build it up as I go, depending on how much of a glow I want for the day.

Stila Heaven's Hue Highlighter-Kitten

This is a "putty" highlighter, it's consistency sets it apart from others. It gives you a "wet look", and best applied with your fingertips. Using a brush or a beauty blender works well too. So if you prefer to not get your fingers "dirty", go for the latter option of course. Be careful with this product tho' as it can be intense depending on application! Their most famous shade is called "Kitten".

Sleek MakeUp Highlighting Palette-Solstice

Sleek's highlightning palette is a very affordable and hyped up palette by Youtubers. It's very intense and not all the shades might be flattering, but luckily you have three different powders and one cream to pick your favourite from! :)

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed-Champagne Pop

The Becca highlighter has been created in collaboration with Youtuber Jaclyn HillThe product is very intense, it has a "wet look" and might not suit very fair skin. Greta and I of course love it tho', I guess you need to try a few to find the perfect match.. Lucky I have her collection to play with.. :)

Maybelline Master Strobing Liquid

This product is a liquid highlighter which sets it apart from the rest. It blends nicely, but it's also a very intense, sheer and a slightly glittery product - so be careful when applying it! A very affordable product, worth a try!

Pixi Glow-y Powder-Santorini Sunset

First of all, sorry you can't see the writing on the product properly - this one is clearly one of Greta's favourites and has been used lot! :) This highlighter had been created in collaboration with Youtuber Aspyn Ovard. It's a less intense and natural looking highlighter that can be built up to look more intense, similar to Becca's Champagne Pop. This is a more affordable product compared to the Becca highlighter, and suits medium and fair skin best.